A Poem with Numbers and Letters for the New Year



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Brand new year

With the number 13

Making the superstitious


If I squish your 13 together,

I get a B

A Bold letter B.

A Bubbly letter B

A Brilliant letter B.

Make the Best of us, 2013,

And we’ll make the Best of you.

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Resolutions:  Do you have some? Mine is to compose a poem a day. And speaking of writing, I’m looking for lots of guest posts in 2013. If you’d like to write one, shoot me an email at BKYounger@gmail.com. Pretty 2013 please?  And thanks to all of your who wrote a guest post in 2012. Readers tell me how much they enjoy and appreciate them!

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  1. Wonderful poem to start the year. Looking forward to reading 364 more! No major resolutions – just hoping to slow down some and enjoy life more.

  2. B is for bicycle (which I have to get back on like NOW!) and B is for bodacious (which is a word I just like.)

    And B is for Barbara…. someone I am enjoying getting to know. Happy New Year!

  3. Double B for best blog!! Looking forward to more in 2013!
    I resolve (as I do most years) to go through piles and stuff but also to find some fun new hobbies. And……to add Zumba to my life! Best wishes to everyone!

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