A TMI Post: Leg Hair–Score One for Menopause!

When the weather turns cold, I wear more pants than skirts.  But about a month ago,  I selected a dress from my closet. Gee, I thought, if I’m wearing a dress, I should shave my legs.

I HATE shaving my legs.

I probably thought it was fun in seventh grade, when my mother said, “Okay.”

But for the last forty plus years, it hasn’t been high on my list of thrilling activities.

Not to mention the danger!  Razor too fast over shin or ankle. Yikes!  Bleeding for an eternity.

Anyway, before I put on the dress, I trudged into the bathroom and picked up the razor.

No hair.

Yes, for real.

Well a hair here and there, but not many.

Then I remembered reading that in menopause, the hair on your legs can stop growing.


A perk!

Web searches didn’t reveal much info, but women on some of the forums reported the same happy situation.

After a few weeks, some hair appeared worth shaving off, but all in all, the need to shave legs seems to be slowing down.


Anybody else have a similar story to tell?

Photo: If this is a TMI post, this sculpture is a major TMI piece of art. It’s the work of George Segal, done in 1963, and appropriately titled Woman Shaving Her Leg.

I found the photo here.  Read about artist about the artist here. You can read specifics on Woman Shaving Her Leg here.  

34 thoughts on “A TMI Post: Leg Hair–Score One for Menopause!”

  1. I get lazier in the winter too but summer.. well I’m too vain I guess– get the top half waxed and shave from the knee down. Haven’t noticed any slowing of growth, but I’m blonde so maybe that helps.

  2. Yep, I’ve noticed the same thing. I still remember asking my mom if I could borrow her electric razor while staying overnight with her about 20 years ago. She said she didn’t have one b/c she didn’t need it anymore; she no longer had hair on her legs that needed shaving. I was stunned! And, yes, now it’s happened to me. A little shaving her & there but mostly it’s gone. Amazing since I had major hairy legs in my teens! haha That’s menopause – you did one thing right!

  3. I shaved my legs before I went on a vacation in October. I haven’t touched a razor since. Granted, I’m wearing long pants right now, but still…

    Okay, so the answer is “Yes.” After menopause, I don’t see as much leg (or underarm) hair. I used to shave my underarms every morning in the shower. Now it’s like “nah.” Don’t need to. My hair (on my head) is rather fine, so I thought that was part of the hairless nature of my legs. Now I realize there was a change after The Pause. Right now, if I want to remove the scattered hairs on my legs, I could probably take a luffah and just rub them off.

    TMI? Need To Know! Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

  4. Very little hair left on my legs or my underarms! Yeah! Unfortunately I do have to watch for those chin hairs and pluck them out. But way easier than shaving my legs and cutting myself.

  5. I had heard about this when talking among friends, and, because I’m a pant wearer, except in swimsuit season, I had to go check – True – I just had never noticed. Most definitely a score for menopause.

  6. I can report the same hardly any leg hair (pluck the odd ones out)or underarm hair, but little chin hairs!!

      1. I had very dark hair and such hairy legs and arms before menopause. Now, I am hairless in these areas, no under arm hair either, no facial hair, and my eyebrows are very thin – have to pencil them in. I have thick hair on my head though, which is good. This is all to do with hormones? But, is my case more abnormal?

    1. I’m going thru menopause now and I’ve noticed no hair growth on my legs and under arms!!! I was concerned until I ran across this article by accident!!! Well, all I can say is with all of the hot flashes it’s about time something good happened to us women!!! LOL

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  8. I have never seen or heard this discussion before and was getting concerned about my lack of leg hair and underarm hair. Whew! I feel better! Having gone from abundant dark, very hairy to no hair at all is quite the surprise to me. Yes, I too have new chin and mustache hair, mostly white now. Has anyone else noticed the accompanying lack of eyelashes? Now those I miss!

    1. Gosh you’re right. I got something in my eye the other day and the instructions I found online said to pull down on your upper lid. I had very few eyelashes to grab onto. Yikes! I hadn’t noticed it so much when putting on mascara.

    2. Came upon this post quite by accident…I was ready to make an MD appointment fearing it was upcoming CANCER or some other reason the ‘ol leg (and scalp) hair had been diminishing! …and the EYELASHES too! I am ashamed to admit I didn’t put 2 and 2 together about the menopause business (I’m 61) Put slap-to-forehead picture here. Maybe I’ve found yet another web side to bookmark. Thanks ladies!

  9. I have just this minute discovered/realised I have no Leg Hair and on reading some of these comments I have found I have no underarm hair either!!! Thank you Ladies for letting me know I am not strange at all, as my Husband so politely put it!!

    1. What’s odd is after I wrote the post, my hair began to grow back a bit (It’s like I jinxed myself), but now it’s back to being present, but slower and less noticeable than when I was a younger woman. You’re lucky if you have none! Thanks for joining the discussion!

  10. Finally a perk! Also thank you for posting the information. There is little to no information that isn’t medical jargon form.

  11. I just found this while looking for information, because I was experiencing the same thing and began to wonder if it was normal. I have almost no leg hair anymore. Also, the same goes for underarm hair. However, I get these really wiry white hairs growing on my chin sometimes. I pluck those.

  12. Thank you for these posts.I googled hair loss on legs and armpits and was ready to call my Dr. Now I will just mention it at my next appt. Good to know it’s just part of Menopause and a good part!

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