Hip Menopause


I’ve been working on a proposal for a book based on Friend for the Ride.

My agent, Erzsi Deak, although enthusiastic, thought my proposal needed more glamour and spunk.

“Making menopause  HIP is the way to go! :-)” Erzsi said.

Menopause?  Hip?

I like it!

Then she wrote, “Make everyone want to go through menopause, so they ‘can buy this book!”

I like that even more!

But is menopause hip?

Ask the thousands of women suffering hot flashes, dryness, insomnia, fatigue, and moodiness, and you might be bombarded by frownie faces.

But wait, oh frownie ones.

Menopause is hip in her own way.

We’re wiser.

Hipness point.

We’re bolder.

Another hipness point.

And we’re adventuresome.

Mega hipness points.

I have menopausal friends opening businesses,walking across Scotland, downsizing to funky condos, joining marimba bands, teaching English overseas, studying playwriting, and rescuing houses before the wrecking ball hits.  And some, like me, are still pondering their next adventure, but adventure is definitely in the plans.

What about you, oh hip ones?

Any new ventures in your menopausal queue?

Photo:  Hip enough to hug a crocodile while on an adventure in South Africa, Erzsi wisely and boldly founded her own agency, Hen and Ink Literary Studio,  two years ago. The crocodiles lives at Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm, where you can even hold a wedding. I wonder if the crocodiles are invited to the reception or just the ceremony?

Hen and Ink

25 thoughts on “Hip Menopause”

  1. I like it! You know the idea that if you smile when you’re feeling low that you will feel happier? Sort of fake it ’til you make it? Well, I’m thinking ‘hipness’ during menopause falls into the same thought process. For me, menopause isn’t about thrill seeking. What menopause is for me is time to chill… relax… be cool… Is that hip? Maybe. I don’t feel the drama anymore. I love that.

    Anyway, I like the idea. A blogging friend of mine, Gina McNew, is on the same page. I think you might like to see her website –

    Keep us posted, Barbara.


  2. I am finding a new and interesting combination of more tolerance – as in “live and let live” – combined with more impatience – as in “I’m not putting up with that” A little difficult to explain without examples, but they seem to both be driven by a sense of selfishness and self-centered-ness that is really more about minding my own business and wanting others to mind theirs. Anyone else? I’m going to check out ItsHipToBeHot.


    1. I like your take, Chris. Well put; “a mix of more tolerance and more impatience.” Yup, that’s it.

      And yes, is very fun. I know you’ll enjoy Gina’s slant. 😉


  3. Usually menopause coinsides with children being grown and moving on. That gives us freedom to do more of what we want and have been putting off. That freedom as well as “NO PERIODS” makes it a great time of life when we can focus on bringing new fun and excitement into our lives. I do agree with Chris that for me it is a mix of more tolerance and more impatience. I no longer want to do things that I really don’t enjoy and with people who get on my nerves but I have tolerated. More confidence, more wisdom etc. A great time of life!


  4. My husband has just commented that the hippest thing about me is that I don’t use the word “hip”
    and he mentioned that for women my age, it could bring on thoughts of hip replacement or hips too big!
    Fortunately I don’t have those problems. I agree with Gail about the freedom…so many options, such liberation from the stress of raising children and the monthly roller-coaster. The intensity of those decades was exciting and invigorating, but I appreciate the calmer state I am in now.


  5. Hip? Absolutely. I have more hips than ever!
    But, yes, we all have a fresh creativity now that our brains can switch to other things than raising our kids.
    You can do it. Just help us all open up and share! Go for it, Barbara.


  6. What a great spin on menopause! I love it! And Erzsi’s right; menopause *should* be hip. The world glorifies younger women, but the wise ones who’ve come into their own are the ones who should be honored!


  7. Great post, Barbara…and I love Erzsi’s advice to make everyone want to go through menopause! I love a ‘can-do’ attitude and I found that it served me well as I went through menopause…sure, there were moments when I was too hot…or too cold…or too something. 🙂 But I emerged as a stronger woman and a more confident one. In fact, I just returned from my FIRST-ever international trip…I spoke at the SCBWI conference that was part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore…I met incredible people and attended exceptional sessions…what a blast! Hip hip hooray for menopause. 🙂


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