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Wedding Update: What a Time to Love a Dress!

Laura and Kitty

The dress shopping is finished!  At least for the wedding day. Rehearsal dinner dresses yet to be selected. I promise a Mother of the Bride dress update soon.

Until then, in honor of the wedding shopping adventures of mothers and daughters everywhere, a poem, written by me:

What a time

To be a mom.

What a time

To love a dress.

Her dress,

My dress,

We chose them both


Just like playing dress ups


What a time,

Not so many years ago.

Laura and Mom

Photos: Laura posing in my wedding dress with kitty Edmund as the groom. And Laura and I celebrating a time when small prints must have been in vogue, about twenty (yikes!) years go.

20 thoughts on “Wedding Update: What a Time to Love a Dress!”

  1. This morning’s post was the BEST. I love seeing your daughter in your dress. I remember dressing up in my mother’s wedding dress and veil–until they were in tatters (my cat was my groom and, well, he was not so tolerant as your lovely ginger tom). I don’t know why my mother allowed me to be so free with her dress but those happy memories are still with me even though my mother is now gone.


    1. Thanks so much. It was the trend back them to have them “preserved” but I never did, as I knew I wanted to be able to try mine on and let any future girls try it on too. Sounds like you had a fun mom!


  2. Wonderful poem and pictures! Love that you allowed your daughter to play dress-up in your wedding dress. I agree with Irene, too. Perhaps it’s the memories that count the most… not the integrity of the dress, or what’s left of it once it has been played in. That picture is priceless. Oh, and I love the print dresses. So fun! Thanks for sharing, Barbara.


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