Dr. Oz–Quick Take on Menopause and Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Oz explains what those shifting hormones do in this short clip.

I found it especially interesting that he calls progesterone “The Valium of the brain.”   He says it’s the drop in progesterone levels that causes menopausal grumpiness.

His suggestion for the woes of menopause?  Bioidentical hormones, which I hope to have a guest post about before long.  The newscaster, who certainly looks too young to be going through the Great Pause, takes them and loves them.

Dr. Oz reports that bioidentical hormones are concocted from yams.


How clever is that? Not only do they make great casseroles, but they’re a balm for menopause.

If you’ve had any experience with bioidenticals, do chime in. Thanks!

34 thoughts on “Dr. Oz–Quick Take on Menopause and Bioidentical Hormones”

  1. I started menopause sympoms in the fall of 2012. My doctor tells me that I’ll wax and wane with these symptoms for 2 to 5 years. So part of me is skeptical about women losing symptoms with pills because mine went away (for now) after a couple of weeks. And I expect they might return at some point, but I don’t know when. In the mean time, I exercise regularly and try to eat a variety of whole foods rather than processed foods. But if others find these bioidenticals work, I support their choice. I just tend to be on the far extreme of resisting meds.

    1. Menopause affects women in different ways…. why do you care if woman take meds or supplements for their symptoms ? Be grateful that you don’t have all the symptoms i Have. I am a vegetarian, i exercise regularly with aerobics and weights. /i do not smoke. I have every menopausal symptom known to man kind. My point is don’t be a hater. Be supportive of your fellow females.

  2. I have been ‘paused for over ten years now. I had terrible hot flashes, stopped getting them, got them back again and am once again in a flashless period. You just can’t judge the effects menopause will have on you or your body over a short period of time…it appears to me to be a rest-of-my-life “condition.”

    1. I am the same, ongoing for over 15 years now. I can’t even remember when it all started. Each time I have a break I hope that’s the end of it, but I am 64 now so that hope is fading! I do love the breaks though!!!!!

  3. Sadly, BioIdentical Hormones have gotten a bad reputation by being associated with HRT ever since the Women’s Health Initiative came out [Read BHRT vs. HRT:

    As Dr. Oz mentioned, BHRT is derived from plants and is made to be exactly like the natural hormones found in our bodies. I work for BodyScience Medical in Toronto and we have helped women AND men deal with not only menopausal and andropausal symptoms but also weight issues related to hormone deficiencies. I’m so happy that there is now more information regarding BHRT and that more and more people are considering hormone therapy to alleviate their symptoms.

    More of BHRT:

  4. Being a physician that opted to take hormones, I agree with Dr. Oz. Progesterone helps with sleep and balances your mood. The sleep deprivation is one of the reasons I chose medication. Recent studies are correlating lack of sleep with memory problems. The weight gain is also a problem too. It really is hormonal. For many women, the male pattern baldness is a problem. This is a link to FDA approved bioidentical hormones

  5. I have been using bioidenticals for about 4 years now. I’m 67 now and I’m sorry I waited so long to start them. I’m a whole new woman, no more hot flashes, moodiness, and the best sex of my life, my husband couldn’t be happier! I say give it a try see if it works for you.

  6. I go to a center for optimal health & they compound pellets (about the size of a grain of rice) that are inserted into my hip @ 3 month intervals. Blood work is done to provide what hormones are needed. But I’m now considering changing to another approach that will fit my needs better. I’m fighting adrenal fatigue and will be changing doctors so all my needs will be met with one Dr. You just have to do some research and see what is available in your area. This new Dr. will be using a compounded cream and not the pellets.

  7. Yes, in my brain I put “bioidentical hormones” and HRT on the same page. I probably should have investigated this more back when I was at the height of my symptoms. I might have gotten some sleep!

  8. I started bioidenticals about five years into menopause because of the night sweats and anxiety–something I’d never had at all. It took about three months to settle out but I now feel great and back to being ‘me’:-)

  9. Hi everyone. I had a nightmarish couple of years suffering from extreme anxiety and depression. Of course all the drs told me I needed meds. I have been on them for years and sometime last year my weight started climbing, my depression got worse to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed. I just knew that something was very, very wrong. I heard about bioidenticals from a friend of a friend who had a friend that lost a LOT of weight after doing the pellets. I did my research and I was absolutely convinced that hormonal imbalance was the cause of so many of my issues. My blood tests confirmed my hormones were waay out of whack. Got the pellet inserted about two weeks ago and I can’t tell you how much energy I have now. I feel so much better, mentally. I am still, however, strugging with my post-menopausal 25-pound weight gain. I can’t fit into any of my clothes and it frustrates me to no end. I’ve started eating healthy, taking vitamins and still walk or run every other day. I guess I just need to be patient, but if anyone has any words of encouragement on the weight loss aspect of hormones I would be grateful.

    1. I’ve heard of this before–docs are slow to think menopause is the cause of depression and anxiety, and it turns out that’s the problem. As far as weight loss, I finally got serious (calories in/calories out) and am having good luck. Slow but steady weight loss.

  10. Where do Bioidentical Hormones Come From ?

    A couple of times a week, I get the question, “Where do hormones comes from ?” Russell E Marker was the Penn State chemist who originated Progesterone and other Bioidentical Hormones from a plant steroid called Diosgenin. He started a company in Mexico in the 1940’s called Syntex that mass produced bioidentical hormones from the Mexican Yam.

    for more:

    jeffrey dach md

  11. I’m on bio identical ( depo-estradiol) injections and progesterone troche. They have given my quality of life back as I no longer deal with headaches,fatigue and mood swings. I’m so glad I have a wonderful dr who specializes in bio identical hormones . They are my saving grace. 🙂

    1. I breast cancer survivor for 8 years. I had chemo, mastectomy and radiation and I am cancer free. I am interested in the herb called macafem.

      1. Women I know are having good luck with macafem! You might want to check with your doctor first although some doctors are skeptical of macafem’s usefulness.

  12. Just purchased Organic Excellence Balance plus Therapy. Just turned 72, in good health,some back and sciatic issues, learned to control my gerds, getting off ppi’s. Not experiencing any post menopausal after years however want to improve mental capacity and nerve benefits.. read as much as possible, so just punted…?

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