Stories! A Reader’s Digest Giveaway


Who grew up with Reader’s Digest?  My great-aunt was a devoted subscriber. When we visited, I’d drink a coke with a straw from a green glass bottle, and I’d read.

images (1)

Pages and pages of stories.  Some written by celebrities; others written by regular folks.

And even though we didn’t get to drink Coke in school, I was delighted when my fifth grade reading teacher announced that the class would have a subscription to the kids’ edition.


We each got a copy to read, although sadly, we didn’t get to keep it.  I still remember the stories about Glenn Cunningham and Helen Keller.


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Reader’s Digest was started by Dewitt Wallace, who loved the idea of condensing stories and putting them into a magazine. With the help of his wife Lila, he published the first issue in February of 1922 (when they were much younger than there are in the photo):

Dewitt and Lila Wallace

Reader’s Digest books just published this collection of their most inspirational stories:


GIVEAWAY: Reader’s Digest Books is offering Friend for the Ride one copy of Treasury of Joy and Inspiration. Post a comment by March 5  saying you’d like to win. Winner will be selected at random.

The book makes a great gift, and the stories work well as read alouds for those of you who read aloud in classrooms or other settings.

11 thoughts on “Stories! A Reader’s Digest Giveaway”

  1. When I was a teenager, reading my parents’ Reader’s Digest, I thought I was too cool for the stories. : ) However, I loved the jokes in each issue and I am sure my SAT Verbal score was helped by doing the vocabulary quizzes.


  2. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful memories! Yes, my Gramma had Reader’s Digest at her house and one of my Aunts did, too. It was always a treat to find them laying around their houses. And, the stories were the perfect length for an antsy kid to digest… oh. hmmm… The answer is YES! I would love the Treasury. Even as a kid, those stories would touch my heart. Thank you Reader’s Digest and Barbara! 😉


  3. I remember going through a spell where I really enjoyed the short stories and snippets in RD. I would love the book to read and also share with my mother. Thanks for this great post and memory lane!


  4. I used to love reading old copies of Reader’s Digest in the school library…I would really love to get this book! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Barbara 🙂


  5. Barbara, I am Glenn Cunningham’s son, John. Helen Keller was his inspiration! We always read Reader’s Digest, even before he was mentioned in it. My wife Lori and I continue working with youth who are struggling. I love to come across things that keep Dad’s legacy alive. Thank you for sharing!


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