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Reading Glasses: Oh Bother! Oh Fun!

Eyes Chart

That was your official Friend for the Ride eye test.

Pass or fail?

When I was forty, the doctor examined my farsighted eyes.

“One day, suddenly you won’t be able to read small print,” he warned. “Don’t panic. Just go to the store and get yourself some reading glasses.”

Wise words.

When the day came that I couldn’t read the Tylenol bottle or the calories in a granola bar, I didn’t panic, but I was sad and annoyed.

“Bother,” as Winnie the Pooh would say.

Attitude adjustment!

I dove into the world of funky reading glasses. My reward for failing eyes.

Red.  Blue.  Pink.

Stripes.  Zig zags.  Rhinestones.

I did, however, quickly retire the white pair with green dots when someone in the church choir said I looked like an alien from the fifties.

My latest love was sent for review by Icon Eyewear.  They’re called Borghese readers. The metal sidepieces are a lovely motled bronze/gold, hence the reference to Italian nobility.

The glasses are festive yet elegant. They’re sturdy, and the lenses are excellent.

My bear models them below, although the Borghese readers look even more stylish on people.


Your turn!

If  you wear reading glasses, do you have a style, color, or brand you prefer?

Then there’s the issue of losing them.

Do you sport them with a cord around your neck, or like me, do you keep several pairs strewn about the house?


Photo:  Thanks to Pooh for modeling my new glasses  I stitched Winnie when I was on a toy-making kick in high school. His eyes, like mine, were a whole lot better forty years ago.

28 thoughts on “Reading Glasses: Oh Bother! Oh Fun!”

  1. When I only needed reading glasses, I collected several of these readers. A pair in the kitchen, a pair in the bedroom, a pair by the computer, a pair in the knitting bag. Once I needed glasses for distance, I switched to progressive bifocals and seem to need them all the time. I now have prescription readers scattered in all the above places but need the proper ones for distance when watching tv. Can’t win! But miss that I can’t just buy a few funky pairs.


  2. You always have very cute reading glasses. I’m very impressed with your toy-making talent! And the glasses are a nice touch for him. Since I wear progressive lenses my glasses are always on my face but my husband has his reading glasses here, there, and everywhere – EXCEPT he often can’t find them at all!


  3. I went with the prescription glasses for everyday (don’t think the over the counter ones were quite out and accessible then) but for sunglasses/beach – I love my bifocal over the counter sun glasses – can’t get enough of them – I do wish they came in funkier designs – i’d be all over that


  4. My frustration is having 20/20 vision and not being able to see a thing! I have so many pairs of readers that I have collected. My favorite are the computer tinted type with the amber lenses. However, I have yet to find the ones that I am really happy with. I feel guilty buying so many new ones, but when none are comfortable what is a girl to do?


  5. Thanks to you over the years, i have several pairs of very cute readers. I’ve added a few myself so I have a total of seven scattered about. (Sometimes James has to borrow mine at restaurants because he forgets his. He always hopes it’s not the pink stripey pair.)


  6. I buy for my sister fun funky readers at a gift show I attend. The boxes are always one of the most popular areas of this company’s booth. I can’t see close or far so I wear RX which are much more expensive! My husband has uneven eyes so he has to wear RX too. I am glad I can have fun at least for my sister.


  7. They have so many fabulously stylish options now, we women can look sexy and sophisticated while still being able to see what we’re doing! Thanks for sharing your story – so many of us have gone through (or will go through) similar experiences – another one of those “perks” of aging!! 😉


  8. I was at about the same age (40ish) when I noticed I couldn’t read the phone book anymore. (Okay, that dated me right there… phone book? What’s a phone book, Gramma?)

    I squinted and lengthened my arms for a couple years, then went to the eye doctor and he told me the same thing. I happened to be very far-sighted and the same vision in both eyes, which was good since then I only needed reading glasses – no prescription, no distance.

    I have a dozen pairs sitting around the house, in my car, at my daughter’s house… etc. etc. etc. I rarely spend more than $20 on any pair. I’m up to the +2.00 magnification now. sigh.

    My favorite pair came from Olympia, Washington (Archibald Sisters.) I bought a pair of all plastic (similar in shape to Pooh’s pair he’s sporting) with rhinestones on the outer rim. Oooh la la. I LOVE them! “Designline Calypso” readers to be exact. I love how fun they look and the fact that they are all plastic so I can put them on my head a’la headband without pulling out my hair. Also, the glass doesn’t distort. I think I paid about $15 for them, something like that. I wish I would have bought a dozen pair of those.

    So far, I haven’t given in to getting glasses for distance. I THINK I don’t need them, yet. My eyes get strained easily from working on the computer, so when I look up sometimes it takes me a while to focus on something in the distance. Another little blessing of getting older – eyes dry out and don’t snap back and forth focus-wise.

    Betty mentioned the beach readers. I have yet to find a pair that are dark enough for the sun but still light enough to see a book. I really just gave up reading at the beach, except on my Nook… I just keep hitting that ‘larger font’ button until I can see it. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and your fun eye chart) with us. Does anyone call them “cheaters?” I used to hear older relatives call them that. Anyway, thanks again, Barbara!


  9. Having worn glasses since the 4th grade, I think it is just easier to buy a good pair of glasses with progressive lenses. You don’t have to take them off and on and lose them. They are always right there when you need them. And it is even better if you get the kind that changes to sunglasses in the sun. They are significantly more expensive, but they are much sturdier and can be adjusted to fit just right.


  10. I got tired of miss placing my little “granny”glasses and talked to the opthomologist about mono vision. Wow!! Life changing! Love it!! I wear one contact for close up vision. My distance is still good. Works fantastically!!


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