The Art of Suzanne Cheryl Gardner and a Note Card Giveaway!

The Change Blog

A post by spiritual artist Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

Menopause came somewhat early for me, though it was mostly pre-menopause from the age of 45 to 50.

Never had much of a problem with my menstrual cycle, but whoooey, when menopause came it definitely put a pause in my life!

I have tried to wean myself from my bio-identical hormone cream, but now I swear by it!

So how did I cope as this “change” was taking place?


Mostly that included my art projects, but using journal writing, visiting my ND for her excellent help, and using herbal concoctions are also helpful.

“The Change” was a process painting I created while beginning to ponder what menopause had in store for me.  I am a spiritual soul, and I tend to look within for answers.

Process painting is an extraordinary way to do so. Being an artist this form of creativity came to me by invitation, and I wanted to open up even more to becoming the artist I am exploring.

Basically you paint something, and continue to do so until you are ready to stop…no critical mind… just going within and enjoying the colors and ideas that spring into your head and putting paint on paper.


Then when you think you are finished you keep painting, pushing yourself to go beyond what you thought you had completed.

And you don’t have to be an artist to do it, because the end product is not the goal.  The goal is to simply allow yourself the time and space to go within and seek yourself.  It can be a beautiful meditation.

So, although I had a specific idea when I was creating the painting “The Change,” it came from the process painting concept, and what I ultimately realized from this is that “change” happens constantly…The only constant IS change.

As women, we live our lives in stages, much more prevalent I think than men.  The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone are ancient concepts, though some modern women have added a third stage in between the mother and crone which is the “Queen.”  I like that one. And right now at the age of 60 I consider myself so.

My art has been all about that cycle―the feminine divine, which is the knowledge and experience of birth, death and rebirth.  It’s a good way for women to look at our stages of life.  Because with that knowledge we know that we will always be re-birthed, even at the end of the crone stage.


This is what I wrote after creating “The Change” :

Discarding her past
In the in-between time
Where it is murky and gray
Though golden hues hint
Of the magic she is acquiring.

She recreates herself
From once a beautiful butterfly
Comes a soul deepening
Growing a new kind of wings
Wings with wisdom and vision


The Change of Life is a physical transformation, but also It is a time for self-reflection.  Her gaze towards even more enlightenment holds promise that she will create a new life free from the past, full of the essence of the Divine Feminine―unconditional love and service to others.

She is a powerful metaphor for all kinds of unmasking and change―our world is in constant transformation.

When we can accept change as being something powerful and life enhancing, we open to the metamorphosis process more easily.

Note Card Giveaway: To win a selection (10) of Suzanne’s note cards, simply post a comment by March 15 saying that you’d like to win. Winner will be selected at random.

Suzanne Cheryl Gardner is a spiritual artist whose work reflects the concept of the Divine Feminine―the wisdom of compassion, truth, and unconditional love. She blends mystical symbolism, earth magic, and nature spirits with conscious evolution to bring you metaphysical and nature art that touches the soul. Her bright, whimsical images are created for children’s books, greeting cards, prints, and illustrations. Digital Images, Prints and Cards, or your Totem Animal on a “SPIRIT ROCK.” at

Her newest project, a colorful Children’s Graphic Novel about Bees, the environment, and Colony Collapse Disorder is called “The Mystery of the Lost Hive,” and can now be purchased as an E-Book at You can see a preview at


Suzanne and Seder:  Seder is a golden retriever/black lab mix. Suzanne says he is very protective and quite a mama’s boy.

14 thoughts on “The Art of Suzanne Cheryl Gardner and a Note Card Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for an interesting post. Your last sentence is especially appreciated!! Very true and well put! Too often I view change with doubt or even suspicion but you’ve reminded me that I should embrace it and I’ll try to do that. Thank you!

  2. Great post and artwork. And a great way to deal with menopause and change. I am one of those weird people I guess who loves change. I get bored easily with the status quo. And I welcomed menopause–but not necessarily the physical and mental stuff we had to go through to get to the other side.

  3. This was such an inspirational post. Thank you! I love your art work and so appreciated your insightful thoughts on this phase and women in general. I would love to know more about your herbal concoctions!!

  4. Suzanne – Your “Tree of Life” is gorgeous!! I love it! Please enter me, I’d love to win!

    I very much enjoy reading other ladies change of life thoughts and messages, I also listen to my ND and take herbal concoctions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “The only constant IS change.”

    Love that! So true and is actually comforting to me. Your thoughts about The Change are refreshing and, again, comforting. Thanks for sharing them. Having entered the land of The Pause myself, I know so much of what you say is true. I also know there is more for me to explore and learn and enjoy.

    I like the concept of ‘process painting.’ I do that a bit with my writing. Sort of like journal writing but with no structure at all. Maybe I could combine the two – painting and writing – and see what happens.

    Anyway, I love your paintings, Suzanne, and would definitely love to throw my name in the hat for this give-away. I just went over to your website and checked out the spirit rocks. Most enchanting, especially the cats. 🙂

    Thanks, Barbara, for bringing another wonderful woman on ‘the ride’ here so we could meet her.

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