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Grandma Update: Boy Clothes

Maze on Chair

When Daughter Kath announced she was presenting us with a boy, I was delighted, especially since I didn’t give birth to any baby boys.

But then I remembered:


Moms and grandmas shake their heads:  “Boy clothes just aren’t as fun.”

What’s the big deal though?  I’d seen, I thought, lots of cute boy outfits.

For a while, I didn’t venture into the baby sections. My own mom swears that in her day, it was  bad luck to buy baby clothes too soon. No way was I taking chances.  Besides, there would be plenty of time for shopping.

At Kath’s baby shower, I admired the t-shirts with trucks and cars, the striped onesies in blues and greens and reds, the hoodie with a  grinning monkey.  Darling!

Then I went to a shower for a baby girl.

Grandma-to-be  SHUT YOUR EYES!

The clothes were adorable.

Stroll into the girls’ section.  In seconds, you’ll know what I mean.

A month later, Mazen was born.

Whoopee Doo!  Let the baby boy shopping begin!

Maybe girl clothes are still cuter.

Just maybe.

But when you’re having the time of your life shopping for the baby boy of your heart, who cares!

Maze in Snowman Onesie

Top Photo:  A bit of prep from Grammie.

Bottom photo: A snowman onesie.

10 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Boy Clothes”

  1. We are expecting a grand baby boy in the next month. I have the joy of shopping for his 18 month old sister but I was still a bit disappointed to step into the boy baby department. However, I agree shopping for a grandbaby is fun any way you get to.


  2. You can find great boy clothes but it takes some looking. Costco, TJMaxx, etc. all good. What bothers me is that by 18 months it’s not so much cute little boy and more camoflague, football, racing cars, etc.– what’s the hurry to dress them like men? Or to make them look so tough?
    That’s why knitting is good! I used to sew for my kids but no time to do that now for the grands.


  3. Congratulations Grandma! I had four boys myself, never got to do the cute girl clothes shopping until one of my sons had a girl – then it was on! They do make adorable clothes for boys. They just aren’t as numerous. Have you checked out Zulily yet?


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