Alone! A Menopause Sometimes Craving

Alice Walker

Who’s interested in Alice’s very small hut?  A pleasant hut, basically bug free, and the small animal is a sweet one.

Menopause, sometimes, causes us to crave alone time.

Time for pondering and reflecting and time for calling up what we’ve learned so far about life and love of all sorts.

One friend said to me, “I just wanted to run away. For a while. Not forever.”

Another said, “I got tired of the groups, the meetings, the obligations.”

Another said, “My husband is wonderful, but he follows me around and asks question after question.”

And so I think it’s important to build your own hut.

Find moments and places to be alone.

You can return  to the tribe in better spirits, with more energy, understanding, patience, and vibrancy!

What about you?

Are you able to carve out the alone time you need?

Thanks to Vibrant Nation, a women’s blogging site, for the cool graphic.

And thanks to writer AND BLOGGER Alice Walker for her thoughts on menopause.  Read her BLOG here!

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12 thoughts on “Alone! A Menopause Sometimes Craving”

  1. I sometimes think I spend way too much time alone and can actually have a day where I don’t really talk to anyone beyond the grocery store cashier. Finding the balance is what it’s all about.


  2. Oh how I remember feeling that way! I just wanted to run away. For awhile anyway. And I think it was because it took all of my energy to deal with the depression and brain fog I was experiencing. But then there is reality–I had to go to work five days a week. And take care of my pets. And be there for my family and friends. So I just trudged on and finally I saw that light at the end of the long tunnel. And now no brain fog or depression. And those feelings of wanting to run away? Well occassionally I might still feel that need but not due to anything relating to menopause.


    1. Exactly, Gail ! I have 6 months yet to work and I can see that end-of-tunnel light and I am anticipating a real “release”…


  3. Well, it’s funny, but I feel the exact opposite! I think it has more to do with menopause coming and my children leaving home at the same time. Suddenly, I want to go out and connect, meet new friends, have new adventures, see new places. My need to build a hut occurred when my children were little and I was a stay at home mom. Boy, did I need a secluded hut, then!


      1. I think as we get older, it’s really fun to see old friends but also to make new ones. My mom is 88 and is constantly telling me about interesting new people she’s met at her retirement center.


  4. Alone time to pause and reflect and sit in peace comes and goes for me. I think it is vitally important to our mental health though. The first step is to recognize it and not wait until we have a melt down or bite someone’s head off!! As everything, it is a challenge to find the place and time and then to take it for just what it is……a temporary release.


  5. I think there is an Ann Tyler book where the woman just walks off the beach, and starts a new life. Appealing but not really an option for me! Even when the kids were little, I’d yell “Ps and Qs” in the car, meaning peace and quiet please! I need my alone time, and always have, but the empty nest left its shadow.


  6. Wanting to just “be” – and alone – is such a common feeling among us women going through our “change.” You’ve illustrated it so beautifully, Barbara! God only knows I want to run away to my hiding place at least once a day! But please, ladies, if you think your symptoms may be more severe, don’t blow it off. Please see my post here on depression and menopause: … Be sure to take care of you!


  7. I come by the ‘very small hut’ honestly as I saw my Mom and my Gramma both get more and more comfortable in their secluded surroundings. My Hubby is now and always has been more involved with me (what I’m thinking/doing/not doing/etc.) than I care for. I knew this about him when I married him and he hasn’t changed, so… yeah. I need a place to go where I can be away, in body, mind, and spirit. Ideally, it would be a place my Hubby would never see, so he couldn’t talk about it (not like a spare bedroom or something.) I’m thinking the ‘very small hut’ is a natural state of being for me as I age. However, I would want to go visit the people I love a lot. I just know the feeling of a place to be apart from one’s history, others judgment, opinions, etc. Does that make sense?


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