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Memory Match! Another Cool Game from Cranium Crunches

Matching Game

Click on the picture above to play the Friend for the Ride Memory Match Game, brought to you by the brilliant Ruth Curran of Cranium Crunches.

You can play on three levels.

Ready, set, go!

To play more games to keep that mind happily crunching away, click here.


Thanks Ruth!

5 thoughts on “Memory Match! Another Cool Game from Cranium Crunches”

  1. Wonderful! I did it. I don’t know if 40 clicks to find all the matches was good or not, but I did notice that I could actually REMEMBER where I had seen the match – which was a good sign. 😉 Thanks for sharing! I’m sitting here having my morning green smoothie and doing the Cranium Crunches. Isn’t it great to enjoy delicious and fun health and fitness?

  2. Patti, 40 clicks is outstanding! Soon, hopefully in the next 2 weeks, you will be able to see your “score” when you complete the game in relation to others’ scores! The score takes into account both number of clicks and time.

    So glad you like this game and you are working on both your physical and brain health! Barbara’s photos make it so fun!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, CaptCruncher! I am so happy that I did well. I felt a little rush of excitement when I clicked on one and knew I had seen it, and where! It was cool to feel my brain work. I’m thinking this should be my new morning routine: green smoothie, Cranium Crunches. 😀 Thanks! And thanks for including Barbara. I might never have found you otherwise.

      1. Patti, It doesn’t surprise me with that agile mind of yours that you are a great cruncher. Thanks for playing. I’ve got another friend addicted to Cranium Crunches. She plays at work!

  3. I am just so terrible at these kinds of games! I stopped counting and eventually gave into defeat :-(. But still great fun and loved the fun family photos!

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