A Favorite Website: 34 Menopause Symptoms

34 Symptoms

When I was in the middle of menopausal madness, this was my favorite website.

Here is the link, loud and clear, for you to click:

34 Menopause Symptoms

I’d have something funky going on. Could this be menopause?

I’d jump onto this website and voila, there it was!

I counted just now, and all in all, I had 19 of the 34 symptoms.

I’m glad I skipped (at least so far) burning tongue.  Great tongues of fire does that sound bad!

The prose on  34 Menopause Symptoms is clear and concise.  At the bottom of the page, there are links to articles ranging in topic from surgical menopause to breast tenderness.


If you’re not familiar with this site, do check it out.

And the contest is on!

 Who can beat my count of 19 symptoms?

11 thoughts on “A Favorite Website: 34 Menopause Symptoms”

  1. Trick question! Who can beat 19? Who can remember?! One symptom is memory loss. So, since I’m on the ‘Other Side’ I am having trouble remembering if I actually recall these symptoms or if I’m sympathizing with the newly initiated. Can’t tell the difference! HA! I’ll go back through the list again and see if I can separate reality from fantasy. sheesh! 😀


    1. Okay… this is crazy. I counted 28. Do I have to have an official doctor’s diagnosis for some of those? I’m just LMBO! Oh, and I CAN laugh because, like I said, I’m on the ‘Other Side.’ Oh, and some of the symptoms linger, of course, but not all of them. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

      And, no, I did NOT have burning tongue. Although I did have itchy tongue because I developed an allergy to avocado. Check under changes: ‘allergies.’


  2. Close….I came up with 16…..but it is ever changing. I wish I could have a memory lapse of my joint pain and that my difficulty concentrating would kick in when my skin itches incessantly……


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