Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: A Review and a Giveaway


Although I make an attempt to watch my nutrition, I’m a butter cream frosting, chocolate chip cookie, Bugles kind of girl.

When I was in the middle of Menopausal Food Madness, I had a hard time keeping my eating on the nutritious path, and my weight climbed up.

The cravings were like PMS times five, and for a year or so, they were almost constant. Yikes!

Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: The best and Worst Choices to Treat Your Ailments Naturally, recently updated by Reader’s Digest Books, has a section on foods for menopause.

I don’t know if I would have followed their advice or not  (because those cravings ruled), but I’m sorry I didn’t have this volume to at nudge me in the right direction.



My daughter Kath, the nutritionist with the super cool food blog, Katheats, is my champion in eating well.

I asked her to study the book for me and write us a quick review.  (Since she’s recently made me a grandma,we can overlook her mention of baby nutrition over menopausal.)

Here’s her review:

Food That Harm, Foods That Heal is a great reference book for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the world of nutrition.

I love its focus on whole foods and the reasons why we should eat more or less of them.

The bonus sections on disease, baby nutrition, and the vitamins and mineral charts take complicated information and present it in an easy-to-understand format. After I put it down I wanted to go straight to the kitchen!”

Giveaway:  Reader’s Digest Books is offering Friend for the Ride one copy of the book as a giveaway (U.S. mailing addresses only due to postage  costs).  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment by April 5 saying you’d like to win.  Winner will be chose at random.


Foods That Harm

24 thoughts on “Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal: A Review and a Giveaway”

  1. First, I love Kath’s blog. 😉

    Second, I would love to win this book.

    The guidelines for healthy, healing eating have changed so much over the years, and keep doing so. It’s a struggle to stay up with all the changes in what’s good for you during menopause and what’s not. Enriched cereal? I don’t eat that because it’s processed. Soy? I quit eating soy products because NOW there are studies that show it causes weight gain because it mimics estrogen. Sigh.

    So, I would be very interested to read this book to see what their research is suggesting. Thanks for the great topic and cool giveaway, Barbara.

  2. This does sound like a great reference book. I would love to win this and I usually don’t want to waste my winning karma on less than lottery fortunes, but sustaining good health is like winning a lottery!

  3. Thanks for reading KERF everyone!

    I really did enjoy this book and have referenced it since (although count me out of the giveaway because I have my own copy!)

  4. I’m always interested in learning more about the power of food…would love to own a copy!

    Really enjoy your blog and a big KERF fan too!

  5. “I’m a butter cream frosting” – Especially on your birthday, right? HBD to you – I’d like to Win the Book: This book looks great – if we could make better choices, one at a time, I’m hopeful for the long term

  6. Would really like to win a copy of this book. Sounds like a great reference resource. I have been reading Kath’s blog for quite awhile and really enjoy it.

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book. I am always looking for advice on eating healthier. It is also good to know that there is a reason when it’s that time of month why we have cravings for not so healthy things. Even though I am far from menopause I love reading your blog, Kath’s and Laura’s and I can’t wait to see pictures of the upcoming wedding.

  8. Love to read your blog even though I am far from menopause. It is so good to know that their is a reason behind having unhealthy cravings once a month. Your blog, Kath’s and Laura’s are so informative. I love reading what you all have to say. I am trying to get better about eating healthier and would love to win a copy of this book.

    So please count me in for the giveaway. Thanks Barbra and keep up the good work

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