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The Bouncing Ball of Menopause


Child psychologists say a baby learns

When you drop a bouncing ball,

The ball bounces back up.

Babies, smarter sometimes than grownups,

Know that life has its ups and downs,

And after the down, almost always comes an up!

Some of those ups and downs, if you’re a woman of a certain age, are the moody woes of menopause.

Telling yourself that the ups will come back really is helpful.

If this doesn’t work, try chocolate, a brisk walk, and more chocolate.

Frog: The Frog, name unknown to this grandma, was a baby shower gift of guest blogger Judy Ackley Brown, who writes in this post about rainy days and life.

Chocolate:  Make that a tiny bit, each time. Menopause pounds are a real downer.

Poet (of sorts) :  Me. I’ve been having fun keeping up with current thinking in child development from Kath,  creator of Baby Eats Real Food.

The baby: My grandson Mazen, usually upbeat!

11 thoughts on “The Bouncing Ball of Menopause”

  1. Well, being in the ‘finally arrived’ at menopause stage in my life, I can agree – it does get better. Of course, hindsight is 20/20. 😉

    I never would have dreamed of ‘investing’ in good chocolate before The Pause, but now I buy GOOD chocolate and enjoy a delightful nibble almost every night. Usually about a thin 2 inch or so square will do just fine. I buy it from Theo Chocolate which also funds a charity, so that’s cool. I’m not exactly sure what I’m craving when I crave chocolate (it’s not the sugar, I don’t think, because there really isn’t much sugar in these bars I buy.) There’s a big movement toward eating raw cacao, so maybe there’s something to the craving that’s good. Anyway, all I know is it helps.

    So, yeah, the ball bounces back up, but with a little help these days. Thanks for the neat poem, gorgeous pic of Mazen, and the links to check out.


  2. I am afraid that I have gone to the dark side – dark chocolate, that is :-). I purchased a box of Divine Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints in a moment of weakness a few months ago – and I will be darned if those mints don’t somehow keep on reappearing in the cupboard just when I thought they were gone :-). Oh, and I love your poetry, too!


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