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Wake Up, Shoe Manufacturers!

Mitzi Shoes

A post by Interior Designer and Aging in Place Specialist Mitzi Beach:

Oh my aching feet.

But….no Ruth Buzzi shoes for us either!

No 4-inch platform heel shoes either!

For me, those days are gone, gone forever.

Mitzi Shoes Two

Does Oprah do more than just sit and look gorgeous in all of her VERY high heels?

Even if those platform ones are supposedly comfortable? I would love to know the actual standing time she has while wearing those stunningly beautiful high heels!

Why? ‘Cuz I am so down-right jealous!

As a shoe-a-holic, where can I find a shoe maker for beautiful and stylish shoes that are comfortable and safe at the same time? [Falling can change our lives forever and ever].

Oh yes, the aging of feet is a very big issue.  Not only for vanity but also our comfort and being able to physically stand for whatever activity without pain!

What about you ladies?

Are you fighting this not-so-easy part of aging gracefully? What is graceful about wearing shoes that pinch or cause agony while wearing?!

Just looking at the photos above, I see women twisting ankles or far much worse  in permanent damage or serious falls.

Seriously, there are millions of us over 50, so why does this shoe crisis exist?

Yes, as a shoe-a-holic, this is a crisis to me!

Giving away so many of my beautiful shoes because they hurt so badly is more than just giving shoes away. It signifies another tangible fact of my aging which I cannot believe has to just be without options. I can handle a lot about aging but my shoe options….really?

Okay, this sounds really really vain, but I betcha if my like-minded kindred spirits out there voice what they’re thinking, we would hear a scream as loud as Hilly in The Help as she reads about that infamous pie.

We want to wear pretty shoes again!

Where are the shoe manufacturers who want to fill this huge void in the shoe industry?

A few years back, I was excited to discover Hathaway Shoes in Kansas City while working a huge design job for my most favorite clients. I bought several [well, maybe more than several] pairs.


THEN, another big day for me was when I discovered Jill Hathaway’s newly opened Shoes Boutique in Leawood, Kansas. Jill gets it! She stocked in her very chic boutique with beautiful but comfortable and safe shoes for all occasions…even dressy formal shoes. She is definitely leading the way and I applaud her marketing genius.

Even more, she understands the 50+ market and at this point in retail, this is way too rare. Why, for Pete’s sake?

Helle Comfort

This demographic of woman over 50 is huge and so strong. Come on shoe manufacturers!

You can certainly do better and be more creative than comfy & pretty flats.  We Baby Boomers, all 18 million of us, want more options.  I know it’s happening but oh so slowly…hurry up already!


Living and loving life together,


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Mitzi Beach has been a practicing Professional Interior Designer, ASID, an Aging in Place Specialist for 30 years.

At  sixty-something, Mitzi is busier than ever with her residential Interior Design business, large family, cooking, traveling and exercising.  She shares her journey on her website, and is a role model on how to explore the new territories in cyberspace for those who didn’t grow up in the computerized era. Her mantra? Who says we are too old for learning this stuff???

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17 thoughts on “Wake Up, Shoe Manufacturers!”

  1. I am a Dansko addict. Though clogs aren’t too glamorous they are great for work. Some of their dress styles are good and most of the sandals. Also, Bjorn brand and there are a few others.
    Clark now has a line of dress shoes with a padded bottom.
    Yes, long gone are the days of high heels. Just bought my daughter a pair of 4 inch and she can walk very well– to be young!


    1. I so hear you about the brands you mentioned and I so agree that they are comfortable and safe. BUT, we just have to settle for comfortable and safe? I say no. We are a mighty buying demographic and I believe our voices will certainly be heard.


  2. “WAKE UP AND SEE US!” Well said. 😉

    I hear ya. Of course Oprah has her staff come and slip her shoes on her after she sits down.

    I can’t say I like the the look of super-high heels. I may be in the minority, but I think they look stupid, especially in a wedge. It looks like you’re walking on a gangplank.

    I like a little bit of a heel because for some reason having that lift makes my back feel better. Even in a flip-flop (I live in Florida so I wear sandals year ’round) I want a little lift. And those little ballet flats don’t work for me at all since they are so, well, flat.

    For daily wear the Okabashi sandals are just peachy. They have just a tiny lift which feels good. I have a pair of Clarks clog-like shoes on the rare occasion I need a real shoe (like when I go north.) If I need an actual dressy shoe I will choose a heel, but never more than 2 or 3 inches. That’s the maximum.

    I actually have a pair of black dress pumps with a 3 inch heel that I have kept for years and years because they are actually comfortable. Imagine that! Heels that are comfortable. Yes, manufacturers, it can be done.

    Thanks, Mitzi, for this great article. Very fun and a bit agitating, as well. Why ARE manufacturers skipping this huge demographic? And, yes, comfortable should be cool!

    And thanks, Barbara, for sharing Mitzi with us! 😉


    1. Perfect wrap up, Patti…well said on all counts! And I especially agree with you that those really high spikes are not what we are after or what we want but something pretty for sure. You get it all.


  3. Love this Mitzi! Fellow shoeaholic here. This past weekend a new DSW opened in my town and I thought my heart would pound out of my chest. But alas, very few safe and chic choices. Why is it the French, Israeli, and German shoe companies get us?


  4. I twisted my ankles in platform shoes when I was in my 20’s. Decades later I now have serious bunions that I blogged about last year when I was trying to find sandals for summer. But a strange thing happened to me last week. I had a black tie wedding to go to and needed a nice heel to go with my mid-calf length dress. The lower heeled, strappy sandals I tried on only emphasized my bunions and made my feet wobbly. So out of desperation I tried on a pair of Vera Wang silver heels not unlike the ones in your second photo and they actually felt good. The only thing I can think of is that they were so sturdy and kept my feet firmly encased in the shoe. All I can tell you is that I didn’t take them off all night, including the dancing. Go figure?? You’d love them. The shoes are gorgeous!


    1. Yes, I agree stylish flats abound but when we need something dressier? I don’t want to be in spikes ever again, but I do want to look sassy on occasions and still be safe and comfortable. So again, shoe makers, get with our program!


  5. I am all about comfort. I also agree with patti….I have seen so many girls walking so awkwardly and looking so clutzy in the really high heels. Just not becoming. Very few women can pull it off. I have 6 weddings this year. Two of them are formal. So I need nice shoes!!! Suggestions??? Thanks for this great post!!


    1. You are so very welcome and I totally understand your struggle. It would be great to hear from others on dressier shoes that fit our specs of being comfortable and safe but a bit sexy for heavens sake!


    1. You are so welcome, Barbara! And with your daughters wedding quickly approaching, finding those just right shoes is so very important. Let us know what you found that worked or hopefully not, didn’t work.


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