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Her Waist Is Gone!

Close Up Waist

Not the lovely lady in the above picture.

She’s got a waist.

But I don’t.

My waistline is gone.

Or at least gone missing.

I made this startling discovery while shopping for  a rehearsal dinner dress for Laura’s fastly approaching wedding.

“You need to show off your waist,” the bride-to-be announced.

This is her standard line, no matter the occasion.

While they admire the spirit of the sixties, Laura’s generation seems to live in fear of anything that shouts baggy or comfortable.

Daughter Kath is wont to add, when I’m with her, “That dress needs a belt.”

Bu the other day in the dressing room, anything with a waist was an immediate two thumbs down.

I looked like a teddy bear in a party dress.

Teddy Bear

I’ve put on a few pounds, but this feels different.

My wedding rings now twirl on my finger. My chin is still pointy.

It’s all migrated to my middle.

Weight gain about the midsection.

How many times have I read that?

Dr. Oz says it’s related to the drop in estrogen.  There goes the E word, again.

Another woe of menopause.

Can a missing waist be found?

I’m in need of encouraging words!

Photos:  The lovely painting is from the cover of The Women’s Home Companion, November, 1929. My bear is wearing a vintage Shirley Temple doll dress. She wants the blogosphere to know that she is very happy with her waist (or lack thereof) and has no body issues or concerns about menopause.


Still Alice Giveaway:  Congrats to Sally, who won the copy of Still Alice.  Thanks again to Susan for her post that  focuses on early Alzheimer’s Disease.

18 thoughts on “Her Waist Is Gone!”

  1. I hear you, my waist is MIA too. The waistbands on my pants and skirts are so confused: should they rise up and rest somewhere under the bosom or should they ride down and hang on for dear life under the belly. Oh the decisions.


  2. Bear is lovely and looks like she’s ready for a party. 😉
    I always had a smallish waist – no problem. Until now. However…. IF I stick to riding my bike, my waist shrinks. It’s the only thing that works. No walking. No gym. No nothing. Just my bike. If I ride, my waist shrinks. That’s the good news – my waist DOES shrink, estrogen or not. Not to where it was when I was in my younger years, but still smaller. That said, I do look better in tops/dresses with some sort of waistline – not belted – but shaped. I look forward to your next post!
    Hang in there, MOB!


  3. Sorry.. I’m in the same boat. Middle age= Middle. Hard to get rid of, even with exercise. So look for other “looks.” I find straight knit sheath dresses or those wrap ones that seem to still be in style draw attention away from the center. Wear great earrings. Always important.


  4. I have never had a waist either and always a little tummy. My Mom used to say I never lost that round baby tummy. I personally don’t like dresses with belts unless you have that perfect figure. If you are too short, they chop you in to and make you look shorter. And they definitely accentuate that pudgy stomach. I always look for dresses with just a little bit of fullness. Way more comfortable. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the day and not have to worry about holding your stomach in all day. And I agree with Ginger Kay–shop with someone older. Our children want us to look younger than we are. And we can’t make our age, shape, size etc. go away.


    1. Yes, sweet in a way but true, I think, that our kids want to keep us young by dressing us young, and it doesn’t always work. Laura does have a good eye though, so I trust her about eighty-five percent.


  5. Yes, my daughter is always trying to make me a bit younger too. I think it is good for us as long as we keep in perspective. I have 6 weddings this year and feel like I have been living at the mall!! But I find the dresses really cute and maybe flattering this year. The “middle” is always a challenge to deal with!! Yay for spanx!!


  6. The comment about looking like a Teddy Bear with a dress on made me laugh!! I am sure you will look gourgeous for the wedding. Keep up the humor thru the whole event! Look forward to pictures!


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