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Wedding Update: A Dress and a Fox


In the last post, I bemoaned my missing waist.

But in terms of a rehearsal dinner dress, the story has a happy ending.

You know the feeling. You already love something. You pray your shopping consultant agrees.

Time freezes as you wait for the pronouncement.

“I like it!” the bride-to-be said.


(Point here being that sheath dresses work well on women of a certain age.)

The dress fits much better than any I tried on.


What pleases me most are the polka dots!

Polka Dots

I’m pretending they’re champagne bubbles.

We’ll toast our guests and  the bride and groom and the groom’s lovely parents, who are hosting the party.

To love!

To life!

To families!

images (1)

Back to the dress.

Yes, it disguises my lack of a waist.

But no, I don’t look as foxy as the model in the picture.

I don’t need to.

Bald Head Island, setting for the wedding, has real foxes!

images (2)

Cliff and I sometimes spot one on the road that runs the length of the island.

A lucky camera person spotted the fox below right on the beach.

(Give the video about eight seconds for the fox to appear; until then, listen to the swooshing of the waves.)

To the waves!

To the sand!

To the fox!

And once again, as always, to life!

16 thoughts on “Wedding Update: A Dress and a Fox”

  1. Love your dress (you must have great arms…brava!). Love the fox. We recently had a young one in our window box. He napped there in the afternoons.


  2. Very cute dress! I love polka dots, always have. And thank goodness they’ve brought back A-line dresses! What took them so long?


  3. I so enjoy your blog-I as well like this dress-enjoy. I read your blog and luv kath’s and adore Laura’s as well. I am 57 and am loving this stage of life. We have one married of our 3 and am enjoying the empty nest. I have become obsessed with over nite oats- found the site last year while I was training for my first half marathon. I enjoyed other bloggers and their nutritional insights and running tips whilst training. Now 10 months later I am wondering about nutrition and the post -menapausal woman( me)…..Some of the sights pertain to women who are blessed to have the young wonderful metabolism (where did mine go?). I would love your advice about any web-sites/bloggers (non-web m.d. Ish, as these don’t really touch the daily lives I am wanting advice from). I am looking for my age group of women who are wanting to eat right- and have fitness/ exercise at the top of their daily doings- like your – child……yet the intake of the 20-30 something woman so different from the age group of a 50 ish woman….. Any insights would be most appreciative- and I would sooo appreciate this. Thank-you so much! Have a wonderful time at the wedding.


    1. Hi Emmalu,

      Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog and Kath and Laura’s. You must get your fill of our family!

      I’m fighting the menopause weight stuff too and have had some success of late by counting calories and upping my exercise. Congrats on your half marathon. I’d love to have you write us a guest post about it.

      I don’t know of any bloggers who write about weight/nutrition/fitness for older women. I checked with kath and she doesn’t know any either. They must be out there. I’ll keep watch!


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