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Surf’s Up and a Solar Shades Giveaway!

Maze in His Shades

My grandson Mazen, in the photo above, sports his way cool shades, ready to hit the beach.

And I bet if Maze knew his alphabet, he could wear those shades when he reads by the surf.

He’s got young eyes!

When my old eyes began to fail me and small print elude me, I decided not to grump.

I bought myself cute reading glasses and settled in.

The glasses worked great from my cozy spot on the couch.

But the first time I sank into my striped beach chair and pulled out a novel, I realized I was in trouble.



If I took off my sunglasses and put on my reading glasses, the sun blinded me.

If I didn’t wear my reading glasses, I couldn’t even read the title page.

I tried layering them:  reading glasses with sunglasses on top.

It’s like trying to make  mismatched puzzle pieces fit. Just can’t do it.

Solar Shield makes sunglasses  designed to fit just right over regular glasses.

How clever is that?

Fits Over

And Solar Shield makes clips ons that fit snugly on today’s eyeglasses.  They sent me two pairs to sample.

No tourist nerd look here.  You stretch them to make them fit.  They come in a carrying case to keep them sand-free when you aren’t wearing them.


So this summer, when the surf’s up, I’m set, just like Maze.

Giveaway: I’m keeping one pair and giving away the other pair. For a chance to win, enter a comment by May 10 saying  you’d like to be the winner. US addresses only. Winner will be selected at random.

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 I received two pairs of Dioptics Solar Shield sunglasses and compensation for reviewing this product via Vibrant Nation’s Vibrant Influencer Network.

19 thoughts on “Surf’s Up and a Solar Shades Giveaway!”

  1. Wow. Mazen makes touching your toes look soooo easy. And, he looks cool doing it. Would love to try the sunglasses. Thanks for letting me know about them.


  2. Such a cutie with those specs on! I used to wear clip on sunglasses. I think I may have even had the stretch apart ones. Definitely need them to read at the beach. Thank heavens for mine that change in the sunlight. My sunglasses are always there when I need them!


  3. He sure does look like a “surfer dude”! Very cute! I have similar sunglasses and they’re great – so easy to use and when I briefly slip into a shop or somewhere they aren’t needed, I just wear them on top of my head like a hair band. So convenient.


  4. I have sat many a time with the “double” glass nerd-like look. I enjoy knitting outdoors with our dog on beautiful summer days up-north. I would so luv a pair of these!
    Btw- Maze is adorable-and the outfit with sunnies is darling.


  5. You can use your grandson for a model anytime- he is adorable! Would also love to win a pair of nice & practical shades!! thanks for the chance!


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