Wedding Update: Showers and the Sisterhood!

A bride and  her mom.

Laura and Mom (2)



A fun game that gets everyone thinking about marriage and love and weddings and the years ahead.Three of Us

Flowers in the wedding colors on a table splashed with more color.


Chocolate and berries.


Sandwiches, oh so dainty and ladylike.


Punch, gently spiked.




Bridesmaids and sisters-in-law-to be.

Chelsea and Laura

And most of all, the good wishes and wise advice of  the sisterhood, women young and old.

The sisterhood comes out in enthusiastic force for showers!

Thanks to my friends Lisa and Judy and Gail, who put on this festive shower for Laura, and to the friends who joined us with gifts and good wishes. I’m sorry we didn’t capture your pictures.

And to the Shower Sisterhood Universal I say, “Cake and punch and advice forever!  Hooray!”

Any shower stories to share?

Slice of Cake

With thanks to my blogging daughters, Katherine and Laura for letting me use their photos. I can hardly bear to look at that cake. That’s how delicious it was.

10 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Showers and the Sisterhood!”

  1. Thanks for helping me relive that fun shower. The words of advice from the ladies there were worth a post themselves! Congrats to Laura on her upcoming wedding. I hope the advice will come in handy, if needed. (Gosh, that cake was good!) PS Women young and “old”? Ouch! I shudder to put myself in that category. : )


    1. I thought the advice was good. So many said, “Communication.” I tried to communicate to Cliff that communication should be Number One. He took my communication calmly.


  2. Would love a piece of that cake now!!! What a fun afternoon. And don’t we all need a refresh on the marriage front. Happiness to Laura and Matt!


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