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The Scale: A Poem and a Giveaway


In honor of us menopausal types, my poem, “The Scale”:

Do you cringe

When you deliver

The bad news to me,

Or is smirking

More your style?

Someday, Scale,

I hope you’ll speak

Kindly, firmly, fondly

With words since 

Your numbers fail me.

Are you a scale girl?

A waistband girl?

So lucky you don’t need to measure your weight in any way at all?

Or so carefree, it’s not a concern?

Giveaway:  Speaking of weight and weight issues, Mika Brzezinski chronicles her eating troubles as well as her friend Diane’s and much of America’s in OBSESSED: America’s Food Addiction – And My Own.

Get the inside scoop on the eating habits of Gayle King, Charles Barkley, Jennifer Hudson, Padma Lakshmi, and others.  Best of all, read Kathleen Turner’s comments on appearing naked, at 46, as Mrs. Robinson in the stage version of  The Graduate.

For a chance to win a copy, simply enter a comment by May 25 saying you’d like to be the winner.


31 thoughts on “The Scale: A Poem and a Giveaway”

  1. I was just reading the excerpts yesterday – oh yes, I’ve love to read that book
    the scale – we haven’t been friends for a long time – yes I know it isn’t it’s fault
    Just wish someone years ago had told me about how the numbers weren’t as important as overall health – if only I looked now like I did then – but I guess many of us say that


  2. I have a very strange (and unhealthy) relationship with the scale. At times I avoid it like the plague (for months at a time) and at other times I am obsessed, weighing myself several times a day. Right now, as I am in serious trying to lose weight phase, I am weighing often. (I do have to say though that part of why I keep weighing is that my scale never, ever gives me the same number twice, so I am always trying to figure out my actual weight.)


    1. Ha! You’re like me. I’m on again off again. For me, the scale basically works as otherwise, I use denial. My scales gives me different numbers too. Cliff says I’m standing on it wrong. Guess after thirty years of this scale, I need to get him to give me a lesson.


  3. I like talking with people about their relationship with food. Its usually very interesting, ver personal. This book sound very interesting. My relationship with the scale? I think that box of nuts and bolts deserves my full weight standing on its face occassionally.


  4. I weigh in almost every day. If I don’t, I get pound creep! Of course, the scale almost never gives me good news but if I ever lose a pound or two it becomes my new best friend! : )


  5. I only get weighed when at the doctor’s. I’ve stopped getting on the scale. I know when I’ve overdone it (like this past weekend), and know when I feel better.- my clothes are good at telling me. My husband is obsessed with the scale– it’s electronic and set to his specifics– so I don’t even know how to use it!


  6. I’d love to win this! I got rid of my scale a couple of years ago and it was the best decision. I saw my little girls stepping on it for fun and realized it was time…


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