Menopause, Humor, and a Mary Roach Giveaway

My Planet

I’ve always been pretty good at looking at life with humor.

In fact, my fourth grade teacher, instead of praising my scholarship, wrote on my report card:  “Barbara has a fine sense of humor.”

But when it came to MENOPAUSE…

That sense of humor was zapped faster than a fourth grader in the sixties could say “Beatles haircut” or “Duncan yo-yo.”


Nothing about menopause was funny to me.

I wasn’t a good sport.

I didn’t giggle with the punches.

I didn’t find humor in the wackiness of my wacky body.

But Mary Roach could.

Her latest book Gulp: Adventures in the Alimentary Canal, tracks food as it dives in one end and oozes and squirts out the other. (Read the New York Times review here.)

In her collection of essays, My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places, Mary demonstrates how to look at life with  keen, whimsical eyes.

She makes brushing teeth with husbands, shopping for bathing suits, a first massage, list-making, medical research on the Internet, and plenty more laugh out loud funny.

Although she doesn’t directly address menopause, I bet she found the humor in the experience that I sure didn’t.

Let’s hope she covers the Change of Life in her next volume.  (She’s 54, and I was pleased to discover that we have the same March birthday, although a few years apart.)

Mary Roach

Check out Mary’s website  here (and don’t miss the roach!)

My Planet Giveaway: Reader’s Digest books is offering Friend for the Ride one copy of My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places. Please leave a comment by  June 6 saying you’d like to be the winner.

And what about your funny bone?

Are you a menopausal wit?

Or are you finding The Great Pause  oh so dry (pun slightly intended) and dreary?

Solar Shades Giveaway:  Congrat to Cathy, the winner!

13 thoughts on “Menopause, Humor, and a Mary Roach Giveaway”

  1. Oh, yes. I would certainly love to win this book! Humor was my religion during my menopause ride. Laughing with my friends and family about the absurdity of menopause was what got me through… that and wine. 😉

    Thanks, Barbara, for turning us on to this book. Great fun!


  2. I would love to be the winner basically because I don’t have a funny bone in my “menopausic” (I just invented this adjective) body!! Thanks for sharing great resources!



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