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A Wedding/Menopause TMI Post

Wedding Purse

My friend Carol Baldwin says I sometimes write about gutsy stuff  (which I’m hoping is a compliment, Carol). Since she has a daughter’s wedding coming up, I’m dedicating this post to her!

The purse above is the purse I carried on Katherine’s big day.

For Laura’s upcoming nuptials, I thought it would be fun to get a new one.

But alas, pennies are spilling from our pocketbooks like lucky rice tossed into the wedding wind.

Carrying the same purse again would save a few of those pennies.

And the silver sequins match the silver beads on my royal blue dress.

So I plucked the purse off my closet shelf.

Look what I found tucked  inside…

A tampon and two safety pins.

Inside Wedding Purse

Don’t need that tampon anymore.

Toss it to the wind!


My encouraging words for those of you in the throes of iffy, spotty, who-knows-when periods or still having plain old here-it-is-again periods:

You’ll get your chance to smile when you see a tampon tucked inside an old purse.

And that, Dearly Beloved, will be a day to celebrate!

P.S. The safety pins are coming along with me. I’m in charge of bustling the dress. Olga, the wedding dress rescuer who created the bustle, demonstrated the process to me.  Be still my spinning head.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll abandon the hooks and eyes and just pin up the fluffs of tulle.  That’s my plan, but of course, I haven’t mentioned this to the bride…

15 thoughts on “A Wedding/Menopause TMI Post”

  1. In charge of bustling the dress? Oh my, I would need a roll of duct tape, a hot glue gun, and some paperclips in my handbag…just in case.


    1. It took me about a year or two for the no periods to sink in, as some of the other menopause symptoms overwhelmed me. But getting down that purse and seeing the tampon really did make me smile.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Love the purse, and can honestly say I’ve never had a menopause/wedding blog dedicated to me! (And yes, what i wrote last time was a complement!). Glad to hear the purse still works. Pennies slipping away feels very familiar at the moment. Hooray for no longer needing tampons and for recycling pretty purses! As for the bustle, YIKES! I’d be a nervous wreck to have to be responsible for that! 🙂


  3. Beautiful purse and so wise to use it again. Who knows? There may come a time when it goes down the aisle for a third, fourth, or fifth time, etc. etc. We all carried Gramma’s hankies with us down the aisle for ourselves and our daughters. Thrifty and sentimental – a good combo.

    I am still finding tampons and pads tucked in luggage and purses, too. Such a funny reminder of times that were. It’s funny how our lives, our very minutes, were scheduled by our periods. And what’s funnier is how soon that whole focus disappears from our conscience – poof! Gone. That’s why it’s so funny to find one of those forgotten relics. 😉

    And the bustle… yeah, YIKES! is right. I did my sister’s, and all those little buttons… wow. Good luck.

    Thanks for sharing your purse/tampon experience. You’re always fun to read!


    1. I never thought of another generation carrying the purse. Fun!

      Yes, remember when you’d hear the date of a beach trip, camping outing, etc. and your period would be one of your first thoughts. Of course, I might trade it back for the skin, hair, white teeth and everything else that went along with those days…


      1. At least back in the days when my periods were as regular as clockwork, I was able to work out whether I needed to take more than just one ’emergency’ tampon on a weekend trip.
        I’m still at the irregular stage, so I still have a pack in my office drawer (along with a spare pair of tights etc) as well as some at home and in my handbag.


  4. Lovely purse, Barbara, and sequins are HOT now. BTW hope you’re not tempting fate by tossing the tampon. My mom’s period came BACK during my brother’s wedding! (I guess 2 kids getting married within 6 months did it.)


  5. I like to keep tampons and/or pads in the guest bathroom. And each time I restock, I have the happy thought, “Better you than me!”


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