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Final Update: The Wedding!

Laura from Balcony

I’ve been mulling for a few days…

What can I say about being Mother of the Bride that is






I’m either in too much of a glow because things went well

or still so worn out from a frenetic week

to bestow wedding-changing MOB wisdom (if I even have any);

therefore, my best advice is this:

You’re the mom,

but she’s the bride.

This is her dream, not yours.

Trust her

when it’s time to select the MOB dress

B's Dress

and her own.


Trust her instincts on the bridesmaids dresses, too, and her shoes with lucky blue bows.

Bridesmaid dresses

She gets final call on what her nephew sports.


 Up or down with the hair?  The bride knows best.


When it comes to her dad’s bow tie,

Martin and Cliff edit

the design of the cake,


the added touches to the back of her dress,

Laura and Matt Tasting Cake

the napkin fabric and the menu design,


the paper lanterns to brighten the ceiling and the flowers to grace the tables,


she gets to decide because, after all, isn’t this the daughter who, when it was time to pick a groom, made an excellent choice?

Laura and Matt (2)

May they have happy days, festive nights, and in time, the pitter patter of energetic little feet.

But don’t tell the bride I mentioned that last pitter patter part.

I promised her I’d trust her instincts on that, too.

Bald Head Island

Laura and Matt were married on June 1 in the chapel on Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina.  Wedding photos courtesy Matron of Honor Katherine Younger and wedding guest and blog reader, Lisa Wolfe.

22 thoughts on “Final Update: The Wedding!”

  1. What a beautiful couple and what a lovely setting for a wedding!

    Sent from Samsung tabletFriend For The Ride wrote:


  2. It was beautiful and perfect in all respects!! We had a great time–thanks for letting us share in this special day!!


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous Barbara! Thank you for sharing your personal family photos and congrads to you and your family. I totally agree with you about letting the bride make all the choices. It does seem like ‘alot’ of MOB’s really want to take over and turn it into their dream come true. But I also can understand if you (or any Mom) might be a little uncomfortable with certain styles or shoes or jewelry they are being asked to where and they don’t feel it fits them 🙂 I’ve been ‘letting’ my daughters pick their own clothes since they were old enough to want to and turns out they have beautiful taste that perfectly reflects their personalities. I have a feeling when ‘they’ get married, they’ll give Mom similar freedom too. 😉


    1. Oh for sure I would have bucked if I hadn’t liked the dress. I do think daughters push moms to look their best (and modern) where as girlfriends want you to take the safe route (sometimes). Perhaps if a MOB is feeling tentative she could shop with her daughter and a close friend, esp. one the daughter is fond of. Would make for a festive outing!


  4. Thank you all for your kinds words about the wedding. Seems, now, like a bit of a dream.I can’t wait until the official photos come in. Love to have some more weddings posts if I have any readers who would like to do one!


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