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The Flower Cooler: A Hot Flash Remedy

Mae Lee in Flower Cooler

A post by florist Mae Lee Brizendine.

Everyone thinks that working in a florist is a heavenly job and it is most of the time.

But, when you work with four cold-natured women and you are going through menopause with all of the hot flashes that ensue, it can be a hellish experience.

On some occasions I have resorted to taking up residence in our flower cooler just to get a little cool air on my other-wise constantly steaming body.

My hot flashes are not exactly “flashes” but rather hot, sweaty, steamy “constants.”

I stay hot all the time while my co-workers shiver and turn up the heat.

I never wear sweaters anymore and the cute scarves everyone is wearing now send me over the edge.  This blazing heat in my body seems like it will go on forever.

However, my doctor tells me that this too shall end.  Ten years seems like a long time to walk through this hellish time in my life.

I guess it could be worse.

I could be freezing like my co-workers and friends, but at least they get to wear those cute scarves and sweaters, while I chill out in the cooler in my short sleeve cotton shirt.

So, the next time you’re thinking how much fun it would be to work in a florist, consider the flower cooler as a perk, if you’re going through menopause.


Mae Lee Brizendine is a florist at the Flower Patch in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  Her husband Bob is the pastor of Hillsborough Presbyterian Church. They make a great team, especially for weddings and funerals!

Bob and Mae Lee Brizendine

9 thoughts on “The Flower Cooler: A Hot Flash Remedy”

  1. Haha, Mae Lee. I can see why you’d love the cooler. There were times when I just wanted to tear my clothes off and jump in a cold shower. Glad you have a more respectable option!


  2. Love you Mae Lee! This gave me such a good chuckle and I needed it. Now I will envision you in the florist cooler with all of those gorgeous roses and gladiolus and carnations!! If Bob can’t find you we will know where you are!!


  3. Unfortunately I am one of those that freezes all the time and always keeps a sweater with me, even in the summer. But I have had some hot flashes and it pretty much takes a florist cooler to calm them down. Mine were usually short and I didn’t have them for years or anything–and I didn’t have a cooler to go into. Hang in there Mae Lee! And enjoy those pretty flowers while you are cooling off. Does it smell nice in there? That would be a plus too!


  4. What a convenient way to cool off! I’ve done the fan on the face sort of thing, but that whole-body cool down has got to be so nice. Since I have crossed over to the menopause side, my hot flashes and night sweats (burning sheets!) have diminished greatly. But, this doesn’t happen to everyone. I still have many friends my age who get hot flashes routinely. I’ll have to suggest they go work at a florist! Oh, and it’s got to smell better than a meat cooler, eh?

    Thanks for sharing your story, Mae Lee.


  5. I’m glad the cooler is handy (and picturesque), but sorry that your co-workers are cold-natured just like one of your co-choir members. Unless she happens to be having a hot flash of her own, that is. 😉


  6. The flower cooler or for many of us, the refrigerater freezer compartment! 🙂 After my last child at age 31, I was already experiencing life as a hormonally changed, “warm” natured person, and made my husband giggle, sticking my head in the freezer, to squeal with relief 🙂 BTW..I just bought a “Chilly Pad” from Amazon, and it’s pretty good. I definitely feel it was not a waste of money. It’s surprising large enough like an extra large hand towel…wrapping around upper shoulders, back and neck. You wet the towel, a unique fabric that becomes cool when moist. It cost around $20. Hope this can help some folks!


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