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Alligator Skin, Lovable Lyle, and a Giveaway!


I have a friend Gail just like Oprah has a friend Gayle.

Their names are spelled differently, but they are the same kind of friends.

They tell us stuff.

Stuff we might not know about life and getting older.

Gail said to me a while ago, “One of the things I hate most about aging is alligator skin.”

I had never even heard of alligator skin.

I had never even thought of my skin EVER resembling an alligator’s.

Later that day, my eyes caught a pattern on the side of my calf.

Something I hadn’t noticed before.

Alligator skin.


I did some research.

Not much info.

One blogger suggested: “Hydrate.”

Gail says lotion helps some, but it doesn’t make the alligator skin disappear.

I think she’s right.

Mine seems here to stay.

So I guess it’s time to embrace my patches of alligator skin.

Or perhaps it’s crocodile skin.

Bernard Waber, author of the wonderful picture books about Lyle the Crocodile, died on May 16.

In honor of Lyle, the world’s most gentile and gracious crocodile, the creative spirit of Bernard Waber, and our own Friend for the Ride menopausal aging skin, I’m giving away a copy of the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Storybook Treasury.

Storybook Treasury

Lyle is not the type to sit around and grump.

He tackles life with gusto.

Even when the chips are down, you seldom see him frown.

And he seems quite content in his crocodile skin.

I’m going to work hard to be content, too.

After all, alligator/crocodile skin makes us all a bit more like lovable Lyle. Lyle Giveaway:   To enter the giveaway, leave a comment by July 1 saying you’d like to be the winner.

Top Photo:  These charming alligators were created from recycled tires, which I found on the site Reclaim, Grow, Sustain: Leaning to Live a Life Sustainable. 

Giveaway Winner:  Congrats to Carol, who won the Care Organizer!  Thanks to Margaret Mintz for donating this innovative resource for keeping track of medical records.

14 thoughts on “Alligator Skin, Lovable Lyle, and a Giveaway!”

  1. Yep! I said exactly that! Just looking down now at my arms, I see the pattern on my arms. If you scrunch up the skin, it is even worse. Someone told me it was due to dry skin, but my skin doesn’t seem dry. It looks this way even with lotion kept on it. Recently I ran into a man I know and we were talking about aging and he brought up how his skin has begun looking like lizard skin. And sure enough it looked just like mine. I don’t like it at all!!!!

  2. I have not found alligator skin on me yet, but then again, I’m not looking!! I would love to have the book to share with my 6 grandkids…they all love alligators…

  3. I’d love to win a copy of the Lyle, Lyle Crocodile treasury. That’s one series that did not attract my girls, so we never shared it. Never too late, though!

  4. Barbara…you amaze me…what a cute post and so fun to tie it into LYLE the CROCODILE!!
    I hate the leathery skin too and just try to use a lot of lotion and good lotion. Trying really hard to use the coolest water possible when bathing. Hot water is not good for skin.

  5. I do not have that collection to use in my classroom (still hoping for a teaching job) and I would love to win it.

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