Grandma Update: Toys from the Attic!

Talk about a happy grandma day:

The day I pulled down toys from the attic.

Anybody remember these guys?

Queen Buzzy Bee and Little Snoopy Dog.

While it’s been great fun watching Maze play with his mom’s toys, it’s been intriguing, too, to see how toys have changed in thirty years.

Check out these state of the art stacking rings.

They’ve got bells and whistles and lights!

Since his mom’s a blogger, Maze got an early start with his own laptop.

Maze and Laptop

My clever grandson is working hard to understand the ins and outs of this electronic ball.


Soon, he can teach me. I had a terrible time with it on my last visit.


On that visit, two teddy bears, with the help of this grandma, began chatting with one another.

Maze watched for a few seconds.

His eyes went from the bears to me and back again.

Then he giggled.

He giggled even more when the bears started asking him questions.

Making bears talk is one of my only true talents.

I’m glad he appreciates it.

Maze and Gram

Every grandma has a toy basket full of wishes for her grandchild.

At the top of my basket is the wish that Maze will love nonsense.

Lots of nonsense.

Early on assessment says he does.


For as Dr. Seuss explains:


Thanks to  for the wise words from Dr. Seuss and Kath Younger for the photos of Maze.

17 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Toys from the Attic!”

  1. I have a Little Snoopy sitting on a shelf next to a photo of my son, at just the age when he loved to take Snoopy for walks! Personally, I hate all the electronic lights and sounds toys. The noise grates on my nerves 100 times more than a xylophone or banging on pots and pans ever did.


  2. It’s all about having fun- my kids avoid the noise making, electronic toys so mostly there’s lots of pretend play. The 3 1/2 year old now knows the difference. Love the old toys! I’ll have to make them a sock monkey.


  3. Such joy it must be to see those little rosy cheeks and hear those giggles. It’s a wonderful time for nonsense, to be sure. I hope Maze can always find happiness in a couple silly bears, and one silly Grandma. 😉


  4. It’s a bit weird, but I’m living the old and new together. My three adult children had all the old, and my two year old has all the new. Even though I loved those old toys, I marvel at the new ones. I’ve gotten to experience Tonka’s remake (which I’m not sure I like yet) and about that electronic ball (I totally hate it). But nothing beats the toys he could pull around the house and a good old fashioned whistle. Great post!


      1. Believe some days, it’s not fun at all. Most of the time I’m so exhausted it’s hard to do fun and on top of it all I seem to be suffering from a early set menopause. But he is a blessings, just a very active one.


  5. I love what I call the classic toys – stacking, rolling, bouncing toys and of course stuffed animals! Those are the ones that encourage imagination in my book.


  6. Maze will get alot of imaginative play with his grandma, that is for sure. Has he been introduced to Sarah yet? I am torn between the old toys which are more simple and appears to involve more of the imagination. But in this high tech world, I honestly think their brains are developing differently and what we might find overwhelming, they find interesting and stimulating. A whole different era with little brains that operate in a whole new way.


  7. I love this Barbara! Must try it with Ms C 🙂 I noticed when mine were little (separated by 5 years) that all the boy toys had batteries and the girl’s toys did not. My mission is to get more battery-operated toys for her, but still. Imagination is the best fun of all.


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