Euphoria! The Best Part of the Menopause Roller Coaster

MTM hat tossPreview



I’d be living my regular life and all of a sudden.


I’d fly into the best mood.

Dust bunnies, pudgy stomach, piles of projects.

Didn’t matter.

Life was a beach!

A big, wonderful, splashy, happy beach.

Of all my menopause symptoms, this was by far the most fun.

Actually, none of the other symptoms even came close to the idea of fun.

Websites suggest the euphoria is caused by fluctuating hormones.

I like to think it’s a prize from the Menopause Goddess for enduring the dregs of The Great Pause.

The euphoria for me was fleeting, lasting about fifteen minutes and happening perhaps twenty times over a year or so.

Life’s all about grabbing the gusto.

If menopausal euphoria splashes your way, catch that wave and enjoy!

Anyone else have a similar happy story to tell?

Mary Richards

Photo: I’m sure you recognize Mary Richards, long before menopause, tossing her hat in the air during  a euphoric moment.

10 thoughts on “Euphoria! The Best Part of the Menopause Roller Coaster”

  1. Yes! There have been enough episodes of euphoria in the last few years that I knew something strange and wonderful was happening. I would call my daughter and tell her that I was having the happiest thoughts and feelings, like everything in the world was perfect and beautiful. I would be smiling and even a bit giggly… with no one else around as a witness. Truly a mystical magical blessing from the Menopause Goddess, I’m sure of it.


  2. Wait a minute…I’m missing out on this one! Please send, as soon as possible, ‘any’ time increment would be gratefully received and greatly appreciated,lol..


  3. Hi there! I’m just in my first year of menopause symptoms and over the weekend, I had two days of beautiful euphoria (I’m generally happy, but can’t remember ever feeling quite like that). It was followed by a day of headaches, which is very unusual for me. It just occurred to me that the euphoria might have been a menopause symptom, so I googled and came up with your post. Thank you very much for writing about your experiences and creating a signpost for me as I navigate these new experiences. I must say, they were the most delightful couple of days. I think I can endure a lot of weepy, headache-y days in return for golden ones like those.


  4. Yes I had the best euphoria managed to stay up till 2am theuphoria lasted quite a long time it was fantastic as a medical cannabis patient I can easily say it was the best high I’ve ever had hoorah for menopause its getting close I’m told I’m in my 4th year of menopause so I’m hoping its my last.


  5. So glad to have found this site and know I’m not going (happily) crazy. I have had euphoria today and nearly a month ago today and while it felt–well–euphoric (!) I wanted to be sure I was not losing my mind. (As I write this we are in a global pandemic.) I am also losing weight around my middle, having stopped the pill. Both great “symptoms” of the transition. Thank you for easing my mind with your post. 😊


    1. So fun on the euphoria! Mine stopped mostly, but it was great while it lasted. I still experience great moments of happiness but for real reasons. This was fun cause it was for no reason!


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