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Am I Too Old? Part One: The Water Slide

Water Slide

Last week in Charolottesville, Daughter Kath and I took Mazen to the waterpark.

That baby splashed like he was training to be Michael Phelps.

We played “Motorboat, Motorboat” while Kath took a whirl down the slide.

“It’s a really fast, cool slide,” she said upon return. “You need to try it.”

I do?

First thought:  I’ll feel silly walking up the tall slide steps at my age.

Second thought:  I’ll twist my back or do some other you’re too old damage.

My daughter, as kids learn to do from about age two, noted my hesitation.

“You used to love water slides. Go!”

I looked at Kath.

I looked at Maze.

I looked at the slide.

In my forties, I rocked fast slides, impressing my kids and my husband, who don’t impress easily.

I took in the moment.

I could say, “Nope. Been there done that. Too old.”

After all, age has her privileges.

Or I could grab the gusto.

“Any techniques?” I asked  the lifeguard when I reached the top.

“Just stay flat,” he warned.

Going down a water slide, comes back to you, mostly because you don’t have any choice.

The slide is the boss.

But whoopee!

Kath was right.

What a great slide.


I hit the water with such force, I thought I would either drown or decide for sure I was too old.

But then I surfaced, feeling oh so proud of my decision.

Buzz and Maze

Maze and I are training to take on the waterparks of the world.

What about you?

Any decisions to go with the gusto of your youth lately?

30 thoughts on “Am I Too Old? Part One: The Water Slide”

  1. So glad that you actually went! We love water parks, and the slides are so much fun. There is only one that I have ever taken that I will not take again. Daredevil Drop in Greensboro. Bewildered wedgies are no fun! 🙂


  2. No water slides for me! I am a chicken. I know how to swim, but the water isn’t something I really care for. I did make myself go out on the sailboat while at the wedding because I thought I should make myself try it. Glad I did, but I think I’ll stay on shore from now on. I am trying to talk myself into trying things–trying to move out of my comfort zone. But I too am somewhat afraid of injury. But Maze will think you are a groovy grandma if you do those things with him.


  3. I joined my daughters on a waterslide when they were about 10 and 12 and it ended up being the last one I ever went down. I was age 42 at the time. The only draw back was since I am about 40 lbs overweight, added with the force of the water, when I hit the water I was forced backwards hitting my head on the concrete bottom. Wasn’t a concussion, but was a jolt! Oh, the things we do for our kids 😉 ! At 53 now, I will have to pass on the waterslides, but would try other things most likely. Grand kids are comin’!


  4. I used to love taking my son on the waterslide when he was younger, but at 20 I think he’s a bit old for me to go down with him now! I guess by the time I have any grandchildren I will definitely be too old to take them down.

    I still love swimming and go about 3 times a week. It was rather bizarre having a hot flush in the pool a few weeks ago!


  5. Hooray for you! I think that’s great. I went on one in the Bahamas a couple of years ago, but it was in a little raft with James. He was instructed to cushion me like packing material, so I don’t think I get too much credit for bravery. Even then, I only went once!


  6. Good for you! That is the kind of grandma I want to be!

    I have a funny waterslide story. A friend and I were at the pool with our girls on a very hot day. We watched as mom after mom went down the slide and popped right up on their feet without even getting their hair wet. We both had places to get to right after pool time (my friend had a speaking engagement). We finally decided to go down the slide to cool off. Well, instead of gracefully landing on our feet, both of us were completely sucked under the water and tossed around at the bottom of the slide! We laugh now, but my friend wasn’t to happy to be speaking before a group that day with damp hair!


  7. LOved this! I realized I wasn’t going down our water slide for fear of looking foolish. To who??? I don’t know! It’s not as if anyone at our pool even knows me except as a lap swimmer! SO, thanks for giving me permission to do what I was thinking I was too old for…and I hope future posts in this series include doing the twist in front of a band stand on July 4th! Yep–that was me!!


  8. Love this post, Barbara. I went down a slide myself on the 4th. A bit nervous at the top – but full of giggles at the bottom 🙂


  9. My big brave moment several years ago was a helicopter ride over a Hawaiian volcano. I was soooooo nervous and not sure what came over me. But it was exhiliarating and to this day I am so happy with myself for being brave!! Go Barbara!!!


  10. The water slides still seem to be my friend. But, oh those roller coasters. Glad you decided to go down the slide Barbara. It just goes to show, there is still some youth left in you.


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