La Pause at La Brioche


La Brioche

Hello from hilly, funky, charming  Montpelier, Vermont!

I’m  in town for a writing retreat at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

The activities start soon, but right now I’m hanging out in a favorite haunt from my student days,  La Brioche.

The cafe is run by the New England Culinary Institute.

Young folks in tall white hats are learning to create the world’s finest confections. Let’s hear it for a new generation of bakers!

Back to me and my generation.

When I began the two-year writing program here in 2006, I was in the throes of peri-menopause.

I planned this post to be musings on returning to Vermont College now that I’m in The Great Pause.

How menopause has changed me.

Shaped me.

Altered me.

But siting here in La Brioche

Inspired me to write about another kind of pause.

Pausing to ponder, to relax, to take in the funky scene, and to forget those menopausal pounds and select the  best looking cupcake in the entire state of Vermont.


I’ve made a Vermont vow to dedicate more time to creative pausing when I get home.

What about you?

Do you allow enough pauses in your busy life?

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  1. Wow! That cupcake looks delish! Go for it with gusto and no guilt!! Thanks for always reminding us that we can and deserve and are better off with pauses. Have fun!!

  2. Well, yes. I do pause often to enjoy moments. I’m pausing right now to enjoy your blog post AND to salivate over that delicious looking cupcake. drool. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and enjoy the workshop.

  3. I sneak off to a small cafe called Hot & Icy Coffee literally, when my 22 year old is home from school and takes care of my 2 year old for a while. The owner makes an absolutely delicious coffee with a hint of hazelnut which I usually have with a small red velvet cupcake! Everyone should have a moment like that!

  4. Not enough! I need to learn to pause-and not just smell the cupcake-but eat one. I have not allowed myself to eat these items. —– Since I met up with the ” pause “….I will indulge with some non-fat fro yo( 2 oz.)….. And still I count the calories and feel the guilt. I feel like the my metabolism has slowed sooo much that I need to stay strict. At times it makes me sad-but that is life.
    Loved all the pictures from your recent wedding. So pretty and all looked so happy. Really enjoy the blog. Thanks! And congratulations!

    • Ah. Have just one cupcake. Good you’re mindful though about the metabolism changes of the Pause. I wish I had been more careful.

      Thanks about the wedding! The honeymooners just returned from three weeks in Greece and Italy. Hope reentry goes well for them!

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