Aging, Menopause

This Body: Gratitude Prayers (and a Giveaway)

This Body

Ever since menopause set in, I’ve gotten grumpy about my body.

Aging makes me sad.

Shocks me.

Worries me.

The vanity issues.

And the bigger issues.





Girl stuff.

I’m determined to keep in the best shape I can, but alas, time is the Great Winner in the battle of the body, I suspect.

Janine Canan’s poem, “This Body,” socked it to me on first reading.

How dare I not appreciate Body Barbara until her very last day?

Thanks Janine.

What about you?

Are you a body ditzer or a body appreciator?

“This Body” is part of June Cotner’s latest volume, Gratitude Prayers:  Prayers, Poems, and Prose for Everyday Thankfulness published in February 2013 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Gratitude Prayers

I’m giving away one copy of this lovely, upbeat volume. If you’d like to be the winner, simply enter a comment by August 5  saying that you’d like to win. I’m pleased that two of my pieces are included!

 Lyle, Lyle, The Crocodile:  Congrats to Penny, who won the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Storybook Treasury.

14 thoughts on “This Body: Gratitude Prayers (and a Giveaway)”

  1. I used to get upset that I wasn’t young and cute anymore. Vanity. Then I decided to accept and with that has come a lot of peace and joy….just like the Janine Canan poem says. Thank you for posting!!


  2. Lovely poem! Thanks so much for sharing and for the reminder. We do need to stay in shape so as to take full advantage of life!


  3. Barbara, I just started following you after looking for some alternatives to “mommy” blogs. There are so many of those and they are great but there seems to be so few blogs written by us “older, wiser” women. Haha!

    Thank you for the post – so very true! I think I’m a little of both ditzer and appreciator. I try to stay looking, feeling and thinking young but, as you said, I know time will eventually win out! Menopause was a very rude awakening for me. It’s so good to know there are others like you out there!


  4. Congrads Barb on new book! Really like the poem u posted here Positive and upbeat lLove poetry would love to win a copy Blessings


  5. Would love a chance to win “Gratitude Prayers.” I’ve made it a habit to think of what on each day I am grateful for. I think it was an Oprah suggestion or read it somewhere, anywho, I love ending each day that way.
    BTW just came back from vacationing in the Asheville area, beautiful, beautiful country! Lots of green, mountains, great food and microbrews!


  6. Hi Barbara, I LOVE this post. I house sat and took care of Janine’s lovely dog, Kutti, when she went to India last winter. Janine truly lives in FULL appreciation of her life!


  7. I’d love a copy of “Gratitude Prayers.” Please put my name in the pot.
    (Guess I’m a body ditzer–trying to revamp my attitude!)
    Love, Janet


  8. How I feel about my body depends on the day and how I am feeling physically. It is really hard to be upbeat and positive when you ache, hurt or are dizzy etc. But on the good days, which thankfully are more than the bad ones at this point, I try to be grateful for this aging body that has served me well. I will know I have truly accepted my age and love myself just as I am when I finally throw away the hair color and let the white shine!


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