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Grandma Update: Space Age Foods!

Modern Foods

Modern baby raising techniques fascinate this grandma.

Note the space age foods above.

Jane Jetson might have served these shiny pouches to Daughter Judy and Son Elroy when they were tiny tots.

Jane Jetson

No glass to break!

Which brings back the beach trip when Laura Younger, age 18 months, dropped a jar off the balcony of our rental condo in the Outer Banks.


Said jar shattered on the pool area below.

Cliff spent a good vacation hour picking up tiny shards of glass.

He’s still recovering. That’s why he hasn’t taken me swimming in Mykonos yet, as Laura just got to do on her honeymoon.


Back to baby food.

No breakage with these pouches. Parents can feed baby from the pouch, and in time, baby can hold it.

How easy and safe is that?

I have split seconds when I declare,  “Not fair!  We didn’t have those.”

Good grandma egg that I am, I mellow fast.

Three cheers for clever baby world inventions!

And speaking of  a clever baby, look who now eats table food.


Just like Pebbles Flintstone learned to do in the age of the dinosaurs.



8 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Space Age Foods!”

  1. Back in the late 70’s when my son was a babe, someone came out with a bottle device that would hold one can of baby food and the baby could eat the contents through a nipple with a large opening. I can vividly remember my mom trying it for the first time. My son gulped down the green beans in like 2 swallows and she promptly threw the entire bottle away.
    “He will choke.. no one should eat that fast!”
    My Grandkids like the apple sauce in a tube and yogurt,… but they are gone in a slurp!


  2. Yes, lots of new stuff out there! Those pouches sound good for travel etc. I can’t imagine eating peas cold, but if that is what the babies know and get used to, they won’t know any different.


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