Downsizing: Ice Cream Cups and Greek Frozen Yogurt!

Cups on Box

There’s something about menopause that sends women into a cleaning/organizing/purging frenzy.

We’re on a roll, deciding what to treasure and what to toss.

It’s the unfeathering of the empty nest.

I’m finding it both fun and bittersweet.

My great-grandmother’s  silver ice cream cups get to stay. They came with Grandma’s first  electric refrigerator, a Kelvinator, circa 1930.The women in my family have been serving ice cream and sherbet in them ever since.

Note how small they are. They don’t hold triple scoops!

Which brings me to another downsizing.

I’ve been successful, in recent months, in downsizing myself a bit.  Laura’s wedding spurred me on.

For about two years, during the worst of menopausal madness, I thought I was destined to gain weight.

I’m here to report that portion control works, and that we can downsize our bodies in menopause. Yes, it’s harder and slower, but it works! One of my go-to foods has been Greek yogurt.

Healthy Choice now sells  Greek frozen yogurt in 100 calorie size cups. How freezing cool is that?

Healthy Choice Frozen Yogurt

I put mine into an ice cream cup, and yep, it just fits.  A modest yet satisfying potion like Grandma would serve.

With Yogurt

The frozen yogurt makes a refreshing snack or dessert, and because it’s frozen, you can’t just gobble it down. I tried the vanilla and the blueberry. Yum!

Read more about Healthy Choice’s  new Greek Frozen Yogurt here.

Healthy Choice


  • Dark Fudge Swirl: Creamy Greek Frozen Yogurt made with dark, decadent fudge swirl for an irresistible 100-calorie treat perfect for a nighttime chocolate fix.
  •  Strawberry: Blended real strawberries made with refreshingly tart Greek Frozen Yogurt for a delicious low calorie treat.
  • Vanilla: Premium, aromatic vanilla beans blended perfectly with creamy Greek Frozen Yogurt to create a 100-calorie treat.
  • Raspberry: Juicy raspberries paired with the fresh tartness of Greek Frozen Yogurt for a healthy treat worth savoring.
  • Blueberry: Lush blueberries folded into velvety Greek Frozen Yogurt for a treat that’s so rich you’d never guess it was 100 calories.
  • Honey: Tart Greek frozen yogurt with a sweet, delicious honey swirl makes this refreshing 100-calorie treat a modern Greek masterpiece.

Thanks to Healthy Choice for offering us a coupon!


What about you?

Any downsizing going on in your life?

One Cup

P.S.: We still have the owner’s manual  that came with the Kelvinator!  Here’s a drawing of the refrigerator from the manual.


And here’s an ice cream cup. I stand though, partially corrected about the potion control of old. Yes, the serving of ice cream is dainty, but look at that big slice of coconut cake!

Ice Cream Cups

Disclosure: I’m participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign. They sent me coupons for free yogurt and payment in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. All opinions are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by Healthy Choice prior to posting.

16 thoughts on “Downsizing: Ice Cream Cups and Greek Frozen Yogurt!”

  1. I love those ice cream cups- never heard of them before. I’m sure you could use them for all sorts of things– nuts, berries, etc. (and stuff like buttons and safety pins too). Glad you’re keeping them. And you look terrific so keep up the good Greek yogurt eating and exercise.


  2. Yes!, to downsizing my house and my body. Here’s to shedding what we don’t want and don’t need!! The ice cream cups are adorable and love the old illustrations. I’ll have to try the froyo; sounds delicious.


  3. I have my mother’s sherbet glasses…. they, too are small. A good reminder for portion control. I seriously believe that lack of portion control is why obesity is such a “growing” problem
    I have gotten rid of a lot of clutter since my kitchen remodeling. I keep at it and try to to add to it!
    Going to try me some HC Greek Yogurt.


  4. Trying so hard to down-size my body – but the body is winning :-(. But downsizing everything else I can so this is a great reminder to keep looking for those opportunities! That said, I refuse to get rid of my Mother’s artichoke plates – you know, they have a resting place for the steamed artichoke and a separate bowl on the side (attached) for the Hollandaise sauce). I never serve it and they don’t fit in the cabinets – but they will not be down-sized!


  5. Those ice cream cups look adorable! I love the old manual, too. Was everything (even appliance manuals) prettier way back when? Both images look like still-life in watercolors. 😉 And, oh, yeah… I like the super-sized coconut cake. No calories because it was so light and fluffy, right?

    I must say, I am enjoying my Healthy Choice Greek Yogurt. It is nice and creamy and, like you said, just the right size. Although I’m gobbling mine down right from the little plastic cup. tee hee!


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