Wearever Panties: A Giveaway!

Lace Panties

A post by Wearever’s Mandy Harrell:

Urinary incontinence is one of those things many people aren’t comfortable talking about.

The hush-hush issue is rarely discussed publicly despite the estimated 30 million Americans currently living with some level of it. The condition affects large demographic including active seniors, women who have birthed multiple children, and those with various health conditions.

Incontinence can also often be an issue for women going through menopause.

According to WebMD, during and after menopause, levels of the female hormone estrogen drop significantly. This lack of estrogen may cause the pelvic muscles responsible for bladder control to weaken, often resulting in urinary incontinence.

Now is the time to learn about options for dealing with incontinence, especially alternatives that help you maintain your lifestyle and are even eco-friendly. Wearever washable, reusable incontinence panties are actually real underwear made especially for those with light, moderate or heavy urinary incontinence. Say goodbye to disposable diapers and pads once and for all.

Wearever’s reusable incontinence underwear features an innovative sewn-in pad that functions as well as, if not better than, any adult diaper.

Its Unique-driTM absorbent technology works in three layers: the top layer lets liquid in; the middle layer moves liquid out to the edges of the fabric so it doesn’t pool and, therefore, resists bacteria growth and odor; and the urethane bottom layer prevents leak-through so that the moisture is contained within the undergarment.

The Wearever line also eliminates the discomfort and loss of dignity that can come with adult diapers. The women’s panties look and feel just like traditional underwear. There are even stylish solutions like women’s lace panties or comfortable cotton styles.

Even better: Wearever products are also less expensive, saving the average user nearly $500 a year compared to alternatives like adult diapers or pads.

Wearever’s washable, reusable underwear options are better for your wallet, better for the earth and better for your wardrobe. You don’t even need to think about the consistent noise of a diaper crinkling, the rough feel on skin, or the frequent trips to the store for disposable diapers anymore.

With Wearever, incontinence doesn’t have to change your active lifestyle or day to day routine any longer!

Giveway:  Wearever is offering two Friend for the Ride readers a three-pack of their lace panties pictured above. For a chance to win, simply enter a comment by September 5. Winners will be chosen using a random integer generator.  (Consider entering for a friend or relative.)  Read more about the panties here: 

Wearever image

Wearever offers comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish apparel solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns. To learn more, visit   



Mandy Harrell is the brand manager for Wearever.

11 thoughts on “Wearever Panties: A Giveaway!”

  1. I HATE that I have to cross my legs when I cough–or there might be a leak. I LOVE these lace panties. I’d love to win but, nevertheless, I’m going to order. Thanks!!

  2. Our Baby Boomer generation is certainly providing fertile ground for the growth of entrepreneurial enterprises as we age!
    Please include me in the drawing.

  3. I just love them. They’re so pretty. After seeing my mother’s “pull-ups”, I thought I would never use anything like a depends. What a great idea. It’s a shame at our age that you have to always know where the bathroom is “just in case.”

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