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Are You a Calendar Girl? The Downsizing Continues (and Cafe Steamers)

Green Plate

The project continues!

High on a shelf, I discovered these darling calendar plates my mom picked up somewhere.  They’re keepers. How fun to have your lunch on another decade!

Deep in the trenches of our storage room, I dug out a stack of nine old calendars.

I don’t know why I kept them. Perhaps I figured they might be useful for kid art projects.


I leafed through them:  dentist, doctor, PTA, church meetings, writer events, vacations enjoyed but largely forgotten.

I usually love to pick up a tidbit from long  ago.  A photo.  A letter. A trinket from a trip.  A drawing done by one of my girls.

But looking through these old calendars made me sad and wistful.

When you can flip through twelve pages, and a whole year of your life is gone, that’s a bit too fast for me.

I made the executive decision to put the calendars in the paper recycling bin. If something bothers  you or makes you sad, the experts say to toss it.

Foiled again!

Cliff saw  them and said nope, we’re going to review one a night.

And so we are.

Remembering together makes those busy years come back more clearly.  Lots more fun!

As for the calendar plates, I bought them out of their box and washed them. I’ve got room on my shelf for them now, thanks to some other plates that didn’t make the cut.

Healthy Choice invited me to try their Healthy Choice Steamers, culinary-inspired steaming meals with a crisp and fresh taste.

On  Pink 1967, we enjoyed General Tsao’s Spicy Chicken:


On Blue 1968, we served up Beef Merlot:


Both low calorie  meals get good grades for flavor and freshness, and of course they look especially delicious on my beautiful plates!

You can learn more about the steamers on the Healthy Choice site right here!  

Asian Inspired

·Back to all those years…

What about you?

Are you a Calendar Girl, nostalgic for years gone by

Or are you full steam ahead?

Brown Plate Close Up

Blue Plate

Red Plate Close Up

Disclosure: I’m participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign. They sent me coupons for Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers and payment in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. All opinions are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by Healthy Choice prior to posting.

10 thoughts on “Are You a Calendar Girl? The Downsizing Continues (and Cafe Steamers)”

  1. I have always wanted to keep a diary but haven’t (except for a brief period in my childhood). What I do though is to keep a calendar until the end of the year and then transfer all those notations to a word document that I call my diary.
    It’s been very handy for “remembering” important dates. When did a daughter go to the doctor the last time? When did I have my last mammogram? A simple word search will show me what I need to know. This is my shortcut to diary keeping!
    Glad you were able to enjoy your calendars! And those are precious plates. The food looks yummy on them.


    1. Gosh I never thought of transferring everything at the end of the year. I may do that with my old calendars. We even found the exact date that we moved into the house (and became your neighbor!)

      And having just celebrated our 36th anniversary, I laughed out loud when I saw I had written SEVEN YEARS in big letters in 1984.


  2. What a fun idea. I have years of calendars too that I just can’t part with. And they have been handy when not sure of year etc.


  3. Am I a calendar girl? Yes! I have saved many calendars through the years… ah, make that decades. None are as cute as those adorable plates, though. Awesome! Way, way back in my early married years I had the Virginia Slim Book of Days. Anyone remember those? I didn’t even smoke, but they were free somewhere so I grabbed them when they came out. I liked the shape, or something. Not sure. But, I do believe I still have them packed away somewhere. I think they would be antiques now. {{sigh}}

    I do love finding old calendars and going through my dates. I especially laugh at all the care I gave my ‘time of the month’ with all the X’s proudly proclaiming “this is it.” Too funny.

    And, yes, I am enjoying the Healthy Choice meals. Like my daughter says; “Beats going to the fast food place!” Can’t wait to see what you serve the next HC meal on. 😉


  4. I looked at an old calendar recently, too. The kids were in middle/high school, and there was something written on at least three days–usually more–every single week! I honestly don’t know how I had time to do anything but go to school functions/sports/dance, etc… I admire the energy of my old self.


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