Dansko: My Happy Menopausal Feet and a Giveaway!

Fall Shoes

In May, I wrote about the woes of my menopausal feet

When Dansko offered me a pair of shoes to try, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s the company’s credo.  (I perk an ear when I read “support” when it comes to my feet.)


I chose basic black, the Olivia flats.


My feet are thrilled.

They’re dancing happy!

I”ve been wearing the shoes everywhere:  in the house, walking around town, out for a day of shopping and adventure, and on my travels.  Here I am on grandson’s Mazen’s porch.


My fall shopping list includes another pair of Danskos!

Giveaway:  Danskos is offering a free pair of their shoes to one Friend for the Ride reader. The winner gets to choose from the Marseille Collection. Check out the choices here. For a chance at winning, simply enter a comment saying you’d like to win. Contest ends on September 20.

Giveaway Winners!  Congrats to Anne, who won the Blow Me cool Fan, and to Lisa, Beth, and Silvia, who each won a novel by Kimberly Griffiths Little.

72 thoughts on “Dansko: My Happy Menopausal Feet and a Giveaway!”

  1. I have been a Dansko addict for years– my sister and I swear by them– perfect for teaching, traveling, everything. I have sandals, clogs, flats and a few dress styles. I’d love those boots!
    So glad you discovered them– you’re feet will thank you. Problem is once you wear Danskos it’s very hard to wear anything else.


  2. I am new to Dansko’s after buying my first pair for BlogHer. I have a disability and was nervous about finding a pair of shoes that would provide comfort and flexibility. My new Dansko’s were perfect for this huge event. With a lot (LOT!) of walking, they surpassed my expectations, providing a great walking shoe plus they were gorgeous, too! I’d love to win a pair of Dansko’s! Thanks for this opportunity.


  3. I’d love to win – not only do they sound super comfortable but they are very stylish!

    My anniversary is on the 20th so maybe I’ll be extra lucky 😉


  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dansko’s — would never work another shift without them. So, yeah, I want to win! Thanks so much to you and to Dansko for providing someone with an opportunity to win a pair!


  5. I have a pair of Dansko sandals,10 years old, that I still wear because of their comfort. I would love to win and let’s just say update! Opal in black patent would be my choice. Just for making this offer, I love Dansko even more so you can imagine if I win!!!


  6. I’ve never tried Danskos but would love to have a pair & try them out. Comfort & support are my watch words for shoes. (and cute doesn’t hurt either!)


  7. Ooh…I hope I win! Ever since the guest post from the doc who said our feet lose padding as we age, I’ve been shopping for shoes with more cushion and support–without sacrificing style. A good excuse for new shoes AND my feet feel so much better.


  8. Oh so good to get comfortable shoes. No longer do I wear shoes that are even the slightest bit tight or uncomfortable. Sales people always say, “Oh they will stretch out.” But they have to be comfortable in the store or I don’t buy them. Had enough blisters and sore feet back in the day. I would love to win a pair of Danskos.


  9. Fun! I would love some Happy Feet! When I read your post informing us that we actually lose fat from the bottom of our feet when menopause hits, it explained a lot. Now when I get out of bed in the morning and my feet start to ache, I can blame fat loss. (Why couldn’t that happen to my belly?!)

    I would love to win a pair of Dansko shoes. The Marseille collection looks fabulous. Thanks, Barbara! (And you look great, btw.)


  10. I would LOVE to win a pair of Danskos! My feet are always so cold all winter long but I won’t spend the money to buy winter shoes. Kiddos come first and someone in my house wants Uggs. Ugh! Winning a pair would be awesome 🙂


  11. I remember my grandmother and mother talking for what seemed like hours about how they never could find comfortable shoes. My 16 year old self would roll my eyes and think, ‘What is with the shoes?’. My 52 year old self now knows what they mean. Would love to try those Danskos!


  12. I love Dansko shoes! Winning a pair would be wonderful! I was looking at the new style when I came across your blog. I am so excited to read a blog I can relate to………..I’m 55 and menopausal!


  13. I would absolutely love to win this amazing giveaway – ive been lusting after a pair of danskos (they are just a bit out of my budget)


  14. Thanks for the amazing giveaway Barbara! I would go with the Olivia too~ so versatile! I am on my feet most of the day and Dansko sounds like a perfect fit~I want to having dancing happy feet 🙂


  15. I first found Dansko shoes when I started student teaching. I went back to school at age 46 so I knew I needed some shoes with support. I love them. I have clogs and sandals. They are worth every penny!


  16. Well, I’m always looking for a new pair of shoes that would feel comfortable on my feet. I would love to win a pair of these shoes.


  17. So glad to see Danskos that are not height-increasing clogs! And they come in large sizes! Note to shoe manufacturers: Lots of women wear size 10 and up! (And why do so few manufacturers make 10 ½?) Please enter my name in the contest!


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