Road Trip: Post #2– Imagined Lives



Model railroads and baby boomers!

So many of us grew up experiencing the mystique of an electric train set.

My Uncle Mel set up ours at Christmastime in the basement.

Cliff’s mom sacrificed her dining room table for trains during the entire month of December.  What a mom!


At the Chattanooga Choo Choo, you can check out the Model Railroad Museum.  The scenes are set in the Chattanooga of yesterday.


I put myself into the scenes, wondering about another time, another place, another way of life.


With midlife comes reflecting, lots of reflecting.

On our choices,  Our situations.  Our experiences.

Do you ever imagine living another life in another place or another time?

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  1. It is fun to look and reflect but I am so happy to live in this era where as a woman and as a person I have some many freedoms and choices that those before me did not enjoy.

  2. Oh yes! And I love model railroad villages. I can get lost in them. I have visited several railroad museums and some fantastic villages. My Hubby worked on the Milwaukee Road (switchman) for many years. I grew up next to a railroad. railroad trestle, and railroad switching yard. So the smell of creosote is in our blood! (If you understand that reference, you are a ‘good rail’ as railroad workers say.)

  3. Martin loved his model railroad set! I love period novels but not sure about living then. I often wonder about victorian era……except for the heavy clothes!

  4. I grew up in a small Indiana town about a half a block away from a railroad trestle. Hearing the train whistle was part of our everyday life. But the main thing I remember is that hoboes would ride the trains and get off sometimes and come to our back door and knock and ask for food. My Mom always made them a plate and they would sit on our back step and eat. Once she felt we didn’t have enough food and told the guy no. Then she started feeling badly about it and sent my brother and I off to find him and bring him back.

  5. This looks fascinating! I love model train displays. The museum in Wilmington, NC, is much smaller but still interesting and the docents are very informative. (I used to want to live in the times of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I doubt I’d have made a very good pioneer.)

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