Road Trip: Post #4–The Shack Up Inn


My job for the road trip was to scout out lodging for each stop. Cliff then reviewed my choices and we made a final decision.

Menopause was a wake up call for me.

Take some chances.

Live big.

Seek new experiences.

Don’t get stuck in the status quo.

But I shocked Cliff  when I sent him the link for The Shack Up Inn. 

After all, it only took one stay for me to say no forever to Motel 6.


Yep,  sharecropper shacks moved to a working plantation in  Clarksdale, Mississippi, heart of the Delta Blues.

“The Ritz we ain’t” is their motto.

We picked the Red House.


Here’s Cliff in the kitchen.


Here’s the counter where I blogged.


This is the bedroom, and the door you see leads to a screened porch.


The shack was as clean as the decor is funky:



A few of the other shacks:



The grounds are decorated with tired machinery, vehicles, and such.

Shack Up Inn

Cliff found a walking trail along the edge of the crop fields. He returned with this lovely flower. Any guesses what it is?



A Blues Club is crammed with even more vintage things.



Confession time:

I know staying at the Shack Up Inn wasn’t really an act of great bravery.

But it felt kinda brave.

I loved it!

The re-purposing of the shacks and all the artifacts hit a chord in my preservationist heart.

The mood of the place suits the steamy and sultry sound of the region’s music.

The price is right, too.

The chocolate glazed doughnuts tasted delish in the morning.

And for a menopausal lady, I slept better in that old shack than I have in years.


14 thoughts on “Road Trip: Post #4–The Shack Up Inn”

  1. I love this place. Our shack was really “shacky”–the walls were covered with those paper-fans-on-a-stick with funeral home advertising. And our bed sagged in the middle and the springs creaked every time we moved. One night was enough for my back. But it was a truly exceptional experience!

  2. Sounds a lot like Shatley Springs, an old 1920 ish retreat for Hollywood’s elite. Tiny cabins and a great restaurant. We did not have the courage to actually stay there. . . . Actually, strike that! We did not get reservations in time to stay there. We never expected it to be that “attractive” a place to stay.

  3. Brings back memories of old. I grew up “camping” in a one room cabin each summer. Bunk beds that I shared with my siblings and baths in the lake before the showers were installed many years later. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything. Looks like it was a very relaxing atmosphere.

  4. Cool place. I bet ur hubby enjoyed the shackiness too 😉 Seems like most fellas enjoy declaring their happiness with simple sleeping or living conditions. I can hear the old man boasting..”I could live in the van down by the river…and be happy!” lol….

  5. That looks like a fun place to stay. I used to only want to stay at big name hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, etc.) but now I want to stay at nice, quirky places. I’m ready for B&Bs.

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