Road Trip: Post #6–Pie with a Purpose and a YAY! PIE! Giveaway!


Menopause Pie!

Wouldn’t that be something?

One magical forkful and those nasty symptoms would simply melt away in a delicious  and very helpful moment.

A pie with purpose!


Oh but this is a Road Trip Post.  Time to stop dreaming about Menopause Pie.


Stick with me.  The trip is almost over.

On Day Six, Cliff and I left Little Rock, Arkansas with not too many miles to drive until our next destination, Texarkana. Texarkana has the distinction of being part Arkansas, part Texas, which I would find quite confusing if I were a state.


With not many miles to drive, we had time to spare. Time to turn off the interstate and check out some small towns.


In Arkadelphia, Cliff stepped into the Honeycomb Restaurant and Bakery. I followed.


Here we found pie with a purpose.

Big purpose!

The Honeycomb’s mission is to “provide work for our clients and to provide a downtown restaurant with good, affordable food for the community.”

These clients, part of Group Living, Inc., are individuals with developmental disabilities.

Cliff and I were taken with the Honeycomb. The atmosphere. The enthusiastic greeters and waitstaff.  The big mission in such a small community.


And YAY! BRICKLE PIE! , the most delicious, most purposeful pie on this or that side of the Mississippi.

Yay Pie

GIVEAWAY:  I’m giving away three YAY! PIE! Magnets to three lucky winners. Make your refrigerator door Pie Happy!

To enter, simply tell us your favorite kind of pie by October 5.


To hear the fun story behind YAY! PIE!, click here.

To see the amazing number of YAY! magnets, click here.

14 thoughts on “Road Trip: Post #6–Pie with a Purpose and a YAY! PIE! Giveaway!”

  1. I LOVE pie!!! Hard to decide on favorite because I love so many different kinds….but if you were to serve me one tonight I would say my good ol’ childhood favorite… chocolate pudding pie whith whip cream!

  2. I am also a pie lover. I choose pie over cake whenever possible. 😉

    My favorite pie? Oh, how does one choose?!

    I’m a fan of rhubarb, strawberry, rhubarb strawberry, pecan, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, peach, apple, and even mince meat. I like anything with caramel and nuts (reference picture!), chocolate, lemon, coconut, and banana. I like double crust, single crust, lattice crust, crumbles, and meringue.

    I don’t think I’ve met a pie I didn’t like yet. Oh, except, I really don’t care for those canned pie filling pies.

    Okay, the answer is “Yes!” I say “Yay! Pie!” (I’m going to have to watch the movie “Michael” again soon. If someone doesn’t know that reference, I suggest you grab the movie and enjoy it!)

    You are finding some fantastic things, Barbara. Have fun on your trip!

  3. Chicken pot pie! (Do I get extra points for originality?) Actually my mother’s lemon meringue is probably my favorite sweet pie.

  4. I love my Mom’s chocolate pie with thick graham cracker crust the best. She always made a 2nd crust with nothing in it and refrigerated it. We would cut it up and eat it-delicious! Cherry pie comes in second for me. But that piece of pie sure looks good to me.

  5. Not having tried the pie in the picture, I can’t pick it (but it could very well be a new favorite!). At this time of year, I begin to yearn for the pies of fall, apple and pumpkin!

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