Road Trip: Post #7–Deep in the Heart of Texas



Look who we found at the end of the road (trip)!

My newlywed daughter Laura and her husband Matt.

They’re new at marriage,

In a new apartment,

In Dallas, a city new to them,

And they seem to be managing all this newness quite well.

Cliff and I aren’t feeling quite as new.

No matter!

We had a big old time tripping down the road!

Dallas: That’s some busy city!  I’m writing a post for November on the Sixth Floor Museum, which takes you instantly back to 1963.

Travel Posts:  I’d love to receive some travel guests posts. Keep Friend for the Ride in the back of your mind as you travel this year. Thanks!

I miss the road trip, but it’s also nice to be back at the old homestead.  A friendly man took this photo for us when the trip was brand new, at our first stop, the Farmer’s Market in Asheville, North Carolina.


Wearever Giveaway Winners:  Congrats to Irene and Carol!

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  1. I love Dallas and consider myself lucky to have spent 7 years in that area and met and married a true Texas boy. We have never been to Asheville but are getting ready to embark on a coastal tour from the Eastern Shore of Maryland through VA, NC, and SC and then home via Asheville for some hiking. Any great recommendations for island hopping while we are going that way?

    • The only island I know well is Bald Head Island, off the coast of North Carolina! It’s the site of Laura’s June wedding.

      Can anyone else help Sandy? Sounds like a great trip. Love a post or two…

  2. Marsh Harbor Inn on Bald Head is fabulous. Duck on the outerbanks of NC is also a great place to explore.
    Laura and Matt look happy and well!! What a fun trip you had.

  3. I eagerly await your post on the Sixth Floor Museum. We went there several years ago when my mother was traveling across country with us. She had heard of it all her life and we stopped in Dallas just for that. What an emotionally powerful place! I was barely alive when the assassination happened, but it was very real for my parents. Looking forward to your thoughts. And what a cute picture of the newlyweds! 🙂

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