The Cloud Lady over the Harbor


Cliff and I were en route to Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina.

The day was gorgeous. September in all her brilliance.

Puffy, proud clouds painted the sky in front of us.

“As a girl, I found shapes in the clouds,” I said. “They’d pop right out at me. I  can’t do that anymore. I’ve lost the knack.”

I studied the sky in front of us.

No luck.

A few hours later, we sat on the dock overlooking the harbor.

“Look!” Cliff called out, pointing skyward.


“An enormous woman!”

Stretching across the harbor, like the figurehead on a ship, was, indeed, a giant woman, with flowing hair and a billowing gown.

“Her face is starting to drift apart,” Cliff said.

But it didn’t matter.

I still got to see that lady in her cloud shape splendor.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that older couples often help each other in an easygoing and patient way.

I’m starting to feel that new sort of camaraderie.

I spent the weekend looking for shapes in the clouds.

My skills did come back, somewhat.

I spotted a duck, a whale, and the state of Texas.

But my favorite shape,

My favorite shape of all,

Was the cloud lady over the harbor.

Congrats to loyal blog reader Lisa Wolfe, who is getting married today!

Photo:  More clouds shapes over Bald Head’s South Beach the next day.  What shapes do you see?

16 thoughts on “The Cloud Lady over the Harbor”

  1. Below and to the left of the big puffy cloud I see a small dragon getting ready to pounce.
    These meditative experiences of gazing at clouds are too few in our busy lives; would love to regain some unencumbered days like those of childhood summers when freely imagining shapes in the sky was simply a spontaneous part of a day.


  2. What a fun and light hearted post for a busy friday morning! Love looking for shapes in clouds and it is indeed a relaxing past time…… which we all need more of.
    YAY TO LISA AND JAMES! Couple of the year! 🙂


    1. Well the Milky Way watching didn’t go as well. Cliff got somewhat annoyed that I had so much trouble seeing it. But then I finally did. Come to think of it, maybe it was my aging eyes…


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