Beer and Menopause: Help from the Hops!


When I was a student at Duke in the seventies, the beer flowed.

But I barely touched it.  Just didn’t like the flavor.

After I married Cliff, I took sips of his beers over the years.  But only sips.  I was a wine and mixed drink kind of girl.

Then bam!  Swoosh!  Gulp!

About five years ago, I began ordering my own  beer.

Why the switch to beer in midlife?

I had no clue until Chris Bradshaw of Boombox Network, posted this article on Facebook:

Beer: The Natural Menopause Treatment 


Seems that hops have estrogen-like qualities. The article reports:

“Hops have long been suspected of having an impact on the hormonal system.

Before your advent of machine pickers, girls and girls picked the plant life at harvest, and would often spend 3 weeks accomplishing this. It was observed amongst the young girls picking hops that their menstrual periods would occur early.

Two young women picking hops

But it wasn’t until hops was studied scientifically that result was explained and endorsed.

It turns out that hops contains very good levels of phytoestrogens – among 30, 000 IU to 3 hundred, 000 IU per 100 grams.” 


The article explains some of the science:

“Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like plant compounds that are also in alternative menopause therapies like soy. They work simply by binding to estrogen receptors, therefore provide a mild estrogenic impact on the body.

Phytoestrogens are quite a bit less strong as regular estrogen, however as estrogen levels decline throughout menopausal women, this boost of estrogen incorporates a balancing effect on the body.”

So the hops are hoppin’ good for our menopausal woes?

Who knows  for sure.  Let’s hope science continues to study beer and menopause.

Let’s hope science continues to study EVERYTHING about menopause.

Even if beer (in moderation, of course) is only a temporary balm for the woes of menopause, I say, “Bottoms up!”


Another Article:  Here’s more info,with the results of several studies and some thinking on the positive connection between hops and bone loss.

Non-alcoholic beers:  They contain hops too!

Beer Above:  A 37th anniversary beer with Cliff in August. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Beer Below:   A beer-rita with Laura in early September. Dallas, Texas.  Here’s how to make a beer-rita without a miniature beer bottle.  (I do wonder if the restaurant washes the bottle before dunking it into the drink.)

9 thoughts on “Beer and Menopause: Help from the Hops!”

  1. Fascinating! Glad you’re imbibing. I’m not much of a beer drinker– but after a bike ride there’s nothing like a few sips.


  2. Funny! Unfortunately I don’t like beer at all, unless it’s in a beer-rita. Here’s our recipe –it seems a little stronger than the one you linked to: 1 part limeade concentrate, one part tequila, one part beer (we use Coors Light to try to save a few calories). Blend with ice and enjoy! Yum!
    I also wondered about the bottle being washed. My mom says I’m a germophobe!


  3. I’m surprised the beer companies haven’t jumped on this–would be good for advertising I would think. I wish I liked beer, but since my college days of drinking Schlitz sometimes, I just don’t care for the taste.


  4. Am I the only beer lover here? 😀

    I have always loved beer… well, since the legal drinking age, of course. Which for me, came early in Wisconsin. Legal drinking age was 18, for beer and booze. Yikes.

    Truthfully, I think beer in Wisconsin is like wine in Italy. It’s just on tap – yes, I meant to say that. In my house, it was literally ‘on tap.’ I grew up with a beer tapper in my house, which was good and bad.

    But, I digress.

    Yes, I love beer. And not just a really cold beer on a hot day. Nope. I can drink room temperature beer on a cold day. It doesn’t really matter. And the more bitter the beer the better. It can be dark, but it can’t be TOO hoppy. I don’t like sweet beer. Light beer is okay, but it has to taste like beer.

    That said, I’m glad there’s a reason now for me to actually drink beer! Thanks for this information, Barbara. Now I can pour my frosty mug of beer and make a toast to my good menopausal health!


    1. Love your comment and I love beer. I am not sure but think Menopause is knocking at my door right now. Feeling a little sad about this but hope in the next years my love of beer is perhaps my savior in this.


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