Menopausal Beach Toes

Barbara on the Beach

Beach walker here.

Barefoot beach walker.

That is until three years ago when I noticed the sand wearing away the skin on the bottom of my toes.


Those poor toes returned from a beach walk looking like I’d run a marathon on oyster shells. What gives?

The thinning skin of menopause. (Although it took me a year or so to understand this was the culprit). When the estrogen diminishes, the skin suffers. You can read more about it here.


I now wear my clunky walking shoes when beach walking.

Fine on a fall day when you’re sporting shorts and a t-shirt.

But it’s not a great look with a flowy beach cover up.

And talk about a  nerd alert:  Someone shouts from their blanket, “Beach walk!” and you say, “Sure. Just as soon as I put on my socks and shoes.”

I should have appreciated my barefoot beach walks even more than I did in those glorious hours.

I never imagined the upcoming woes of menopausal beach toes.

But, thank heavens, my shoes, socks, toes, and I continue to enjoy wonderful walks very close to the surf.

Like so much else about aging, it’s all about figuring things out and adapting.

My goal: To leave footprints in the sand as long as I can.

What about you?  Any beach walk troubles?


Giveaway Winners!  Congrats to Stephanie, Lisa, and Susan who won Yay! Pie! magnets; Shelley who won the canvas print giveaway; and DIane, who won the Kegeling t-shirt. (Diane, we want to know if you’re brave enough to wear it!)

Photo:  Cliff snapped this photo on East Beach of Bald Head Island, one of my favorite places on Earth.

28 thoughts on “Menopausal Beach Toes”

  1. Gosh……and i always loved barefoot beach walking and how the sand is a natural exfoliant for your feet. Thanks for the warning…..i will be careful!!

  2. This is hysterical. Ya walking on the beach barefoot can have its disadvantages in our age… Anyway, right now my feet kill me because of some heel spurs — wrong shoes one day on the street! I wonder if that’s menopausal too (Or peri-menopause — feet that kill all the time)

  3. I took a really long beach walk this summer and by the time I had returned to my starting point I could barely walk at all! It’s so much fun to walk barefoot on the beach but the sand “sand-papered” my poor tootsies! Sad to know my beach walking will need to be in shoes now.

  4. I always save my walking shoes when I get new ones and mark the box beach shoes. Then I pack them along on a beach vacation, walk away and at the end of the trip I don’t have to bring home the sandy, fishy shoes I just throw them away.

  5. You know, you should get some of those Vibrams – the shoes that look like bare feet. That would solve it! And you also can walk pretty well in flip flops on the beach so long as you don’t get them too wet.

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