Ditch the Cucumber! (or Put it in Your Salad)


I love color!

At the meeting of the North American Menopause Society, my first thought when I saw the Soul Source dilators was: What gorgeous colors.

Then of course, I noticed the shape–after all, the conference focused on menopause and the problems it causes. Jane Silverstein of Soul Source and I talked about this innovative product, and she promised to write about it for Friend for the Ride. Take it away, Jane!

“My doctor suggested I insert a cucumber in my vagina!”

Yes, it’s true, I hear this quite often from menapausal women seeking advice for sexual pain.

Ladies, there are much better options. You may or may not have heard of vaginal dilators. We are Soul Source Therapeutic Devices and what we do is manufacture and sell vaginal dilators. (One of my kids thinks this raises my mom cool factor, the other wants to climb into a cave when I talk about my products.) You may be thinking “What is a vaginal dilator and why would a woman need one?”


Vaginal dilators are tapered, progressively sized devices used to slowly stretch the walls of the vagina so that sexual penetration is more comfortable. Soul Source dilators resemble body tissue; they retain body heat and are a much more comfortable alternative to a garden vegetable, or the cold hard glass or plastic dilators that some doctors recommend.

Many women experience sexual pain (clinically known as dyspareunia) due to the hormonal changes that follow menopause. With this drop in estrogen the tissues in the vagina and surrounding area become thinner and dryer.  This condition is also known as VVA, or vulvovaginal atrophy.

In addition to dryness many women can experience pain, tightness, or an uncomfortable burning sensation. VVA is the most common cause of painful sex in women over 50. Without treatment or frequent comfortable sexual activity, many women begin a cycle of pain and sexual avoidance. The regular use of vaginal dilators reduces the vaginal tightness and associated sexual pain.

Soul Source dilators come in eight sizes, the smallest dilator being about the size of a junior tampon. They are sold individually because each woman has her own “starting point”. Our dilators are made in the USA, with material made in the USA.

Ladies, you have alternatives. Cucumbers belong in a salad, not in your vagina. Please visit our website at for more information and on line ordering.

Your friend in menopause, Jane Silverstein

Soul Source Silicone Dilators 1-8

Thanks to Jane for writing about those colorful dilators and thanks to Cliff for taking the cucumber photo for me on a grocery trip. Being married to a menopause blogger can make for an interesting bedfellow (pun somewhat intended).

20 thoughts on “Ditch the Cucumber! (or Put it in Your Salad)”

  1. Funny and cute! I wish jane lots of luck with
    this colorful (ahem) product. And laughed at
    your talk about the cucumbers, Barbara.
    Did you know that cucumbers have zero vitamin
    value? (Besides fiber)That’s what a nutritionist friend of mine
    claims. So ya never know why cucumbers were
    really created. Do you??
    Okay enough. Thanks 🙂

  2. Fascinating. And, yes, Cliff is a brave man. Did he know what the cucumber picture would be used for? At least he knows what the cucumbers will be used for now… a salad. 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Barbara and Jane.

      1. Yup – those marketers sure know what they are doing. People will love those colors….and then….will go out and………… about them! :)))

  3. I think I will stick to using cucumbers in my smoothies! The dilators look way more comfortable–and yes, prettier too. All the cucumbers I buy are pretty darn big–like I said, I think I will stick to putting them in my smoothies.

  4. Interesting to say the least! And to the comment above….cucumbers are rich in fiber and have many important phytonutrients. They are anti inflammatory and alkaline. So cucumbers are indeed a healthy and whole food!

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