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Forget the Frump! Inspiration from the Fabulous Fashionistas

Here is quick clip about the British documentary, the Fabulous Fashionistas.

The fashionistas make me want to shop  until I drop.

Not drop from tiredness after a day of shopping.

The Big Drop, like drop off the earth (when my days are done). That’s what the fashionistas are planning to do. Shop until they drop.

What about you?

What’s your fashion plan for your golden years?


I must say, my own mom, who frequents Loehmann’s in Baltimore once a month or so, has set a fine example for me too!


Here’s an article about the film and here’s another one.

To fashion!  To life!

Giveaway Winner!  Congrats to Laura, who won the copy of Sarah Thebarge’s inspiring memoir, The Invisible Girls.

4 thoughts on “Forget the Frump! Inspiration from the Fabulous Fashionistas”

  1. Thank You again for gifting me with “The Invisible Girls ” . It came at the perfect time in my life . I have a ton of free time to read this weekend and am itching to get to the words .. and the story.. I am sure it will distract me for hours on end. Then I will be shipping it to my niece.. who happens to live in Portland and has had a fierce battle with cancer her senior year of college. This is one of those gifts that make the heart sing..!!! The feeling I had when I won this gift is almost indescribable. Love your blog as it pertains to the time of life I am in.. and love your daughters’ blogs.. as well..!!! God Bless..


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