Little Women: Christmas Won’t Be Christmas


Famous first line!  A Christmas line, spoken by a great character of literature, Jo March.

Opening to Little Women

In honor of that first line and the ambitious and opinionated Jo March, I present the Little Women collection of my friend Nancy Espersen.  Nancy’s lovely home was recently featured on the Hillsborough Candlelight Home Tour.

Little Women Room

The guest room, decorated as the Little Women Room for the tour










A Little Women bank and mementos from the movie starring June Allyson and Peter Lawford


A scarf from the June Allyson movie

Orchard House Crossstitch

A cross stitch of the Alcott home, Orchard House, in Concord, Massachusetts


Paper dolls!

Paper House

A paper dollhouse of the March home

First Day Cover

First day issue of the Little Women postage stamp

Christmas Reading

Christmas stories

little women - 1955 Whitlman Publishing Co

The cover of Nancy’s childhood copy of the book, Whitman Publishing, 1955.

Nancy's Book

The endpages with a Little Women sticker in the corner

I asked Nancy to tell us about her lifelong appreciation for Little Women:

My love of everything “Little Women” began as a child.  Perhaps it was the version of the book that began this journey. Whatever it was, the story of the March family captured my heart, especially the way they dealt with their trials and tribulations as well as their triumphs and joys. It is still a tradition to watch the movie at Christmas.  And even to this day, my husband is ready to hand me a tissue when Beth dies. 



12 thoughts on “Little Women: Christmas Won’t Be Christmas”

  1. Nancy, you have a wonderful collection! I enjoyed being at your house and seeing it first hand.

    Little Woman has always been one of my favorites. I loved Katherine Hepburn as Jo and cried when Beth died. And I nearly cried when Jo didn’t get together with Laurie!! Still haven’t resolved my vexation at Amy! ; )

    We made a pilgrimage to the Orchard House a few years ago. It was fun imaging Louise Mae at her little writing table.

    Thanks, Barbara, for the pictures!


  2. Memories! I liked Little Women too. But the paper dolls really transported me back to my childhood.
    I used to love to play paper dolls! Nice collection!


  3. Beautiful collection, Nancy. I usually watch both the 30s and the 40s movie versions at least once a year. I haven’t read the book for years and years. Maybe it’s time to pick it up again. Thanks for sharing, Nancy and Barbara. Merry Christmas!


  4. What a lovely collection! My mother loved Little Women so much, and used to talk about reading them over and over. She was an only child and envied the camaraderie of the sisters. I loved the books, too, and was devastated by Beth’s death. I had a Madame Alexander doll as a child and prized her. This post brought back many memories – thanks!


    1. Glad the post brought back so many memories about the book and your mother. They are similar to mine (wishing I had sisters and crying over Beth’s death)


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