Saving Mr. Banks



We went into Baltimore City, to the Hippodrome Theater, and waited in a long line.


The year: 1965.

The movie?

Mary Poppins!

images (1)

images (2)

My dad loved the film so much that he bought me the soundtrack, and it wasn’t even my birthday.

images (3)

Cliff confessed on our first date that he loved the movie, too.

So  thirty-seven years later, we stepped in time and got ourselves to Saving Mr. Banks.

The movie recounts the battle of words and wills between the author of the Mary Poppins books, P.L. Travers, and Walt Disney and his studio.

Great trailer. Really catches the flavor of the film.

Read this review by Mark KermodeI second his final lines “…as a diehard Thompsonite who considers Mary Poppins one of the best 10 movies ever made, they appear to have made Saving Mr. Banks for me. And I loved it.”

I loved it too and so did Cliff.

Loved the sixties stuff. Loved the acting. Loved the music. Loved the pull between Travers and Disney.

And I loved thinking about going to the Hippodrome Theater in 1965.


A Mary Poppins book from my childhood. This is the real Mary Poppins, the first one, a magical curmudgeon of the finest degree


The movie story, also from my childhood bookshelf

End Pages

The end pages of Mary Poppins in the Park. Note the merry-go-round, setting for the controversial animation scene in the movie. P.L Travels argued NOT to have any animation in the movie. To this day, the animation bothers me too. Just doesn’t fit!


The end pages of my movie version. I wrote my room number in it, meaning I must have take it to school for some reason or another

What about you?

Do you have Mary Poppins memories?

And let us know if you’ve seen Saving Mr. Banks!


For an insightful look at the real P.L. Travers, who has no doubt been done a disservice  in some respects by the Disney people, read this article by children’s literature expert Jerry Griswold.

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  1. I was born in 1963 so I didn’t see the movie when it first came out. However, it must have either been re-released or else the Fox Theatre in Atlanta made a deal with Disney because my lovely Aunt Mary took my sister Debbie and I to see the movie there in the early 70s. The Fox is a 30s era Masonic Temple in downtown Atlanta. A fabulous place to see the movie.
    We loved the movie then and love it still.
    As a matter of fact, my sister has always earned the title “Practically Perfect in Every Way” (except she tattles???? even at 49????). Her lovely daughter Kelly has inherited the title at 19 and all of her cousins, including my boy children use it and know the reference.
    My husband and I are saving the “Saving Mr. Banks” movie for our after Christmas treat when all the hustle and bustle have died away.
    And since I have never read the books — how could that be????? — I have put them in my queue at the library.
    Merry Christmas, Barbara!

  2. I went to see Mary Poppins at the movie theatre (back when you dressed up to go to the movies) when I was 4. I went with my Mom, my best friend and her mom. My mom had bought the soundtrack beforehand and we had listened to it so much that she tells me I sang along with the entire movie at the theatre!

  3. Loved the movie!! Fascinating and well done. Now i would like to see mary Poppins again. To think that it might not have been a musical!

  4. Being 58, I so remember our mom taking us to see this movie. Loved it, still do. My husband doesn’t like to go to the movie theatre ( too much talking ). I probably will go alone. I cannot wait to go-soon I hope. We 3 girls and baby brother sang at the PTA school talent show: Lets Go Fly A Kite. We wore ( if you can recall), matching outfits…. Company name, ” Gay Sprites and Mighty Mites”. Do you recall the line of clothing? So cute. Good memories to be sure.
    On another note, so enjoy your blog. I learn lots. As well your little Mazen is adorable. We just became grandparents and are in love with our granddaughter. . Happy New Year!

  5. I loved the Mary Poppins books; they are among my favorite children’s books. I especially like how cross Mary Poppins was, and her snappy retorts. I’ve never liked the movie very much, partly because it is so different from the book. I was born long after the movie was made, but it was re-released into theaters when I was three or four, and my mother took me to see it and I screamed during the chimney sweep scene and had to be taken out of the theater.

    • Disney really did change the Poppins character, but it’s Winnie-the-Pooh whom he really destroyed. Just made him much too cute.

      I bet that chimney sweep scene is scary to lots of kids! Scares me to watch it now as I can’t imagine leaping over rooftops.

  6. I loved the movie Mary Poppins (and still have my record)! The first time I saw it was at a drive-in movie in the early 70’s.

    My own daughters loved it too, but what always cracked me up is that they called the movie “Mrs. Poppins” instead of Mary Poppins. Must have had to to with us having them call all of our friends Mr. and Mrs. (By the way, that transition is hard for them to make now that they are almost 18 and 21 and the adults say to use their first name.)

    I would love to see the movie Mr Banks and so would my husband. Unfortunately we all got the fever flu this Christmas and are still not recovered. It is on our list though, as soon as we are better.

    • Hi Leslie,

      “Mrs. Poppins” is funny because as you will see in the movie, P.L Travers insisted people call her “Mrs.” even though she wasn’t married.

      So sorry you are sick! Write me and tell me what you think after you see the movie. It’s major fun!

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