The Mosaic of Menopause


There were days I thought menopause was chipping away at my body.

And there were days I felt like menopause was chipping away at my soul.

Pieces of me were falling off bit by bit.

But the good news, the encouraging word, is that through the process, the mosaic comes back together.

Maybe the spaces in that mosaic are the new bits of us.

Maybe they represent  a different freedom, space we weren’t open to before.

Or maybe, truth be told, they represent our wrinkles and crinkles.


Mosaics take a long time to make.

They also demand vision, creativity, an appreciation for color,  patience, and an understanding of the parts that make the whole.

The whole old and oh so new you and me.

To the new year!

To the new us!

The Mosaic above: This flower mosaic graces a wall at McGuffy Park, where my grandson Mazen likes to play in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Cookies!  Celebrate mosaics with Froot Loop Mosaic Cookies, the creation of blogger Jodi Durr of Meaningful Mama. Find the recipe here on her post.


For an invigorating activity in the new year, try this site that enables you to make a Roman mosaic online!


19 thoughts on “The Mosaic of Menopause”

  1. Nice mosaic! I made one–a very simple 7th grader one–in art class. One of the few things my Mom kept and actually hung in her kitchen. Good way to describe life. All the pieces of our lives coming together to make who we are.


    1. Yep. We got to look at them happily (cause we have little choice,although my daughter was pushing some new kind of expensive wrinkle cream on me yesterday. She said, “Mom, you need to try as many of these as possible.”) Ha!


  2. It is a beautiful image of what I’m sure will feel a bit like that. Becoming a mom actually felt like that a bit for me. I had to completely redefine myself as I entered that roll and found the old part of me felt like it was cracking. Thank you for beautiful imagery and including my cookies in your post.


    1. Yes. You are right. Motherhood threw me for a loop at first (well actually, for many years. I was nuts over my kids but managing them sure wore me out some.) Thanks for letting me post your beautiful cookies, Jodi.


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