Announcing: The Ladies Room Door Art Series


Over the holidays, Cliff and I visited the Menil Collection, a funky museum in Houston that houses art collected by John and Dominique de Menil.

I never thought about taking photographs in a museum before I started blogging.

Now the art inspires ideas for posts.  I’m itching to pull out my camera and click away.


I tend to get in trouble at museums.

One evening at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I slipped off my shoes  while admiring Pissaro’s landscapes.

This was in my heels days,  the 1970s, after long hours on my feet at work.

“Miss. You’re in an art museum. We don’t go barefoot here.”


Five years later, in the North Carolina Museum of Art, I fed  my toddler daughter grapes to keep her from shrieking.


Shrieking so loudly those big old oil paintings might come a tumbling down.

The second the first grape went into her mouth, a guard rushed over. “Food is not allowed in the museum.”

Now that I am old and wise, I know better than to mess with museum guards.

“Do you permit photography?” I asked the guard at the Menil.

“No ma’am.”

“Just thought I’d check. Thanks.”

But then I was struck by a masterpiece.


Black on white. Bold. Confident. Simple. True. Contemporary yet borrowing from elements of classical design.

I looked around.

No sign of the guard.



The power of art– that masterpiece got me thinking.

How many times have I entered a ladies room without paying any attention to the lettering on the door?

(Besides making sure it didn’t say “Men.”)

Let’s celebrate womanhood by admiring and photographing the doors we walk through on the way to the potty.

A Ladies Room Door art series!

I’m on the prowl for interesting doors.

Please help the project by sending me photos of doors you find especially artistic at home or on your travels.  I’d love to post them! My email address is to the right. Thanks!

23 thoughts on “Announcing: The Ladies Room Door Art Series”

  1. I love this! What a great idea. I can think of one in Wilmington that I’ll have to take a shot of next time I’m there. Really had to take a good, long look to tell which door was the right one.


  2. I’ve taken a lot of ladies room photos in my travels. Not sure how often I’ve taken the sign itself. But I love this idea and yes, I will be on the prowl.

    I know there’s a restaurant in OC MD that has Gulls and Buoys on their doors! Perhaps I should drive on up there.


  3. Hi Barbara- Hope you had an enjoyable stay in my hometown, Houston, TX, where the Menil Museum resides. 36 yrs ago I lived just a few streets down from them, before the museum’s exsistence. Did you know that St Thomas University is next door and Rice University is 10 mins. away as well? Around Rice it is beautiful area with oak trees bending over the streets and charming homes. More importantly…wink wink did u get a chance to visit “The Chocolate Bar”? A happy experience for sure!


    1. We missed the Chocolate Bar and Rice. Another time. Our daughter lives in Dallas, so we hope to go back to Houston. Spent a day at NASA. Fascinating but it sort of unsettled me, too. I sooooooooooooooooooooooo do not want to go into space! (Of course NASA officials didn’t pluck me out of the crowd and invite me, either.)


  4. Hi Barbara – I just emailed you a couple fun pics I took on our return from Hawaii. I found them quite silly and fun. I hope you can use them. 😉 I look forward to seeing everyone’s pics.


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