She Is…

She Is

I met this colorful lady at an art show on Bald Head Island.  “Take me to your creator,” I asked the painting.

That means I emailed the artist, Francisca Dekker.

Francisca was kind enough to write back and give me permission to post her painting, titled She Is.

“I know all about the midlife menopausal roller coaster,” Francisca  said in her email, “and if this, I think, uplifting painting helps, go for it.”

“About the pose,” Francisca told me, “it is done after a life-model, who is very comfortable within her body and that was what I wanted for a statement:  No matter what, I am who I am and that is how you can take me. The coloring, bright and bold, are part of that statement.”

Explaining her brilliant use of color, Francisca said in an interview, “If I meet somebody and I feel a connection with them, I paint with colors. I don’t see people in black and white. Colors are the connection I have with that model—the inside colors.”

Love it! An artist who sees our inside colors!

What are your inside colors?

How would Francisca paint you?

E. Francisca Dekker

Read the interview quoted above by Shelby Purvis in The Art of People”

Thanks Francisca for sharing She Is!

22 thoughts on “She Is…”

  1. I am an artist who sees the world and people in ‘color’ as well, and can really relate to this. And now myself, being in the “M” (menopause) zone I would be inclined to paint people in cool tones, since “I” am usually ‘running’ on the ‘hot, lol. A subconscious desire to be cooled down myself? I suspect so. But if they have a ‘hot’ temper, then bring out the red Momma, it’s goin’ on the canvas!

      1. What a wonderful opportunity, thank you Barbara! Well, with that said…I will ask, what you might like as well…another painted woman…in ‘cool’ colors, something from that perspective? If this sounds agreeable to you, I will start on this, this coming Sunday (I work full time) and can also pen a short post. Let me know the word count limit, more than happy to oblige.

      2. Short is good for the word count. Under 400 or so if you can.

        Exciting! No rush at all. I’m scheduled ahead about eight weeks on guest posts. I’ll also need your photo and a short bio. Thanks!

        On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:


  2. Inside colors, hm. That’s an interesting concept. I’d have to think about that but green’s always been my favorite color so that might be one. And then, maybe, brown because I need to be grounded. Or I might get flighty. Or something.

    1. Green is one of my favorites too Pam 😉 I love nature…trees, flowers…Your comment, ‘might need brown to stay grounded or might get flighty. or something’ …funny girl!

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