Friends of Friends!

Menopause Card

Friendship boasts plenty of joys, that’s for sure.

One is hearing stories of your friends’ friends.

Friends of friends!

You care about them, think about them, even give advice to them through your friend, their friend.

My friend Susan’s friend Blair learned about Friend for the Ride from Susan.

And this fall, Blair left these funky menopause cards on my doorstep.

How cool is that?

Thanks Blair!

What about you?

Have you enjoyed friends of friends in your friendly life?

The Word Friend:  Here’s a fascinating thread on the word friend” posted on wordreference.comIn most languages, the word derived from the word “to love.” Other root words include “like,” “free,” “beautiful,” and “tie.”

6 thoughts on “Friends of Friends!”

  1. Oh, fun to see me and Blair on your blog! And, yes, I’ve enjoyed getting to know your friends, too. We are sharing the friend wealth! Our friends are too good to keep to ourselves : )

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